Roche: Accutane Withdrawal Nothing To Do With Suicides & Murders

Pharmaceutical giants, Roche, have pulled their anti-acne medication, Accutane, from the US market just over a week ago, but it continues to say this

Rio De Janeiro Gets The 2016 Olympics & Opens The World Up

For the first time ever the Olympics will be held in South America after Rio De Janeiro was awarded the 2016 Summer Olympic Games,

Rich Nations Repress Agricultural Development At World Food Summit

Silvio Berlusconi was the only leader from the richest nations on Earth to even bother to turn up at this week’s United Nations Food

Recession Is Official In The Eurozone

According to new figures released by the European Union, the 15-state “Eurozone” is now officially in recession. Collectively, the 15 countries that use the

Public Inquiry Into The Death Of Baha Mousa Opens In London

A public inquiry has opened this week in London which aims to bring some public conclusion to the sad case of Baha Mousa. He

Protests Erupt Against Egypt’s Shameful Actions

The scandalous actions, and in-actions, of Egypt towards the people of Gaza, during this incursion by Israel, amounts to nothing short of repulsive. They

Prize For The Boys? Or Obama’s Peace Bribe?

I really had to slap myself in the face for this one, because I most definitely did not see this coming! Barack Obama’s surprise

Petition: No More Secret Evidence In The UK

As part of the drama that is the ‘War On Terror’, both the UK and the US have taken away many rights from those

Pesticide Campaigner Forces UK Govt Re-Think

Last week a woman from Sussex, Georgina Downs, won a landmark case against the UK government agency, DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural

Entire Peruvian Government Resigns Over Oil Scandal

Alan Garcia, the President of Peru, has announced that he has accepted the resignation of the entire government cabinet over a scandal involving favorably

People Using NYC Homeless Shelters Rose By 45% Yearly Since 2002

In an ironic twist, since the current richest man living in New York became it’s mayor, the city has seen the amount of people

Oxfam Declares Somalia As ‘Africas Worst Crisis For Many Years’

According to the BBC, Oxfam’s Somalia co-ordinator, Hassan Noor, has said that the current situation in Somalia is the worst there has been in

Over 75% Of Homeless People Suffer From Health Problems

A snap report by Ireland’s ‘Simon Community’ found that 77% of those who used their Cork shelter, during the first week in September, suffered

Over Half Of Anti-Depressant Users Stop Taking Them Independently

According to some Irish news sources, a new study has revealed that over half of all anti-depressant takers quit taking them independently, rather than

Oliver Stone & Hugo Chavez Debut Documentary At Venice Film Festival

While Michael Moore was expected to get all of the documentary-related attention from the mainstream media at the 2009 Venice Film Festival, the arrival