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European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights

This charter aims to give political, social and economic rights, to all citizens of the European Union, and could be viewed as

United Nations Charter – Complete UN Charter On 1 Page

What follows is the complete United Nations Charter, with all of the text included from the UN Charter website, the main website

United Nations Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

Subsequent to World War II ending, on the 10th of December 1948 the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

Lisa Kristine – Photos that Bear Witness to Modern Slavery

For the past two years, photographer Lisa Kristine has traveled the world, documenting the unbearably harsh realities of modern-day slavery. She shares

Death of Aleppo – Life Amid the On-Going Conflict and Destruction

The ‘Al-Jazeera World’ team investigates the turmoil within the everyday lives of Aleppo residents – living in Syria’s largest city – whilst

Homan Square – Chicago Police Departments’ Torture Facility

Surprise, surprise! The Chicago Police Department have taken the lead of their government, by setting up, and running, a secret torture facility.

Analysis of BBC Radio 4 Interview with Israeli Defence Minister

BBC News reaches 81% of the UK every week via tv, radio and online articles. That is a huge number of people

Bill Hicks – One Night Stand

Legendary, innovative, shocking, stunning but above all very funny, this is a classic set from the much missed Bill Hicks. Recorded at

Bill Hicks – Revelations [The Uncut Version]

This is the 1993 performance by Bill Hicks at the Dominion Theatre in London, which was given the title of ‘Revelations’. There’s

Robert Newman – A History Of Oil

Robert Newman gets to grips with the wars and politics of the last hundred years – but rather than adhering to the

From Caliban to the Taliban: 500 Years of Humanitarian Intervention

From Caliban To The Taliban – 500 Years Of Humanitarian Intervention, is a tale of capitalist expansion down through the ages, coupled

The Last Dream (Ep.3/3) Other People’s Wars – Australia & Conflicts

John Pilger and Alan Lowery, as part of a three episode series, investigate the complicated relationship that Australians have with war. First

The Last Dream (Ep.2/3) Secrets – Racial Inequalities in Australia

John Pilger and Alan Lowery, as part of a three episode series, investigate of the massive racial inequalities within Australian society. First

The Last Dream (Ep.1/3) Hereos Unsung – UK Steals Aboriginal Land

John Pilger and Alan Lowery, as part of a three episode series, investigate how the Aborigines had their land stolen by British

FREE EVENT: College Freedom Forum @ Yale, 26 March 2015

CFF at Yale features four inspiring talks by human rights defenders from around the globe, followed by an interactive Q&A with the