Moon Impact Mission Now Confirmed As Success

On the 9th of October this year, the Centaur rocket was launched towards the Cabeus crater on the Moon, by the Lunar CRater Observing

Mixed Feelings Across America As The DC Sniper Goes Silently

The reaction to Tuesday’s execution of John Allen Muhammad has been mixed at best, with many people saying that Lee Boyd Malvo should have

National Priorities Project Report: Military Cost Of Securing Oil & Gas In 2009

The US-based NATIONAL PRIORITIES PROJECT have issued a new report showing that somewhere between $97bn and $215bn will be spent in 2009 by the

Michael Schumacher To Temporarily Return To Formula 1

Michael Schumacher is set to return to Formula 1, to drive for Ferrari as a temporary replacement for the badly-injured Felipe Massa. He said

Mexican Doctors Sold Newborn Babies To Highest Bidders

Three doctors, a receptionist and a nurse have been accused of taking newborn babies from their mothers, shortly after birth, and pretending that they

Mass-Produced ‘Better Place’ Electric Car Could Be Pulled

There is another brand new type of electric vehicle (EV) which is currently being promoted all over the world. This new technology is designed by

Martti Ahtisaari Wins The Nobel Peace Prize 2008

In this time of global market turmoil & with an un-easy number of conflicts going on around the world, it sure is nice to

Make Sure Your Vote Counts In This Weeks European Elections!

This week sees the EU parliament elections take place in 27 European countries, and it is the UK and the Netherlands will get proceedings

Iran Elections 2009: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Declares Democracy Dead

There are only 2 serious possibilities for the people of Iran. The first is a life of servitude under a dictator, and a sombre

Madeleine McCanns Parents Keep Her Plight In The Media

We can say what we want about Kate & Gerry McCann, but what we can’t say is that they have done their best to

‘Lying Eyes’ Sentenced To 6yrs For Murder Plot

This evening Sharon Collins, the woman who has become known as ‘Lying Eyes’ due to an email address she allegedly used to try to

Lisbon Treaty Will Come Into Force From December 1st 2009

Vaclav Klaus has reluctantly become the 27th, and final, European head of state to sign the Lisbon Treaty. His ratification has begun a fast-tracked

The Lisbon Treaty Referendum – Irish Results & Reaction

At the second time of asking, the Lisbon Treaty was ratified by the Irish electorate. Out of a turnout of 59%, just over 67%

Lisbon Treaty May Be Rejected A Second Time In Ireland

With the second Lisbon Treaty ratification vote about to happen in Ireland, the latest poll is showing a significant drop in the Yes camp’s

Replicating Success Of Online Donations – Libertas To Do An ‘Obama’

Libertas leader, Declan Ganley, has said he will be hoping to replicate what Obama managed with his successful campaign, by relying heavily on online