Pubs Disappearing From UK Streets & Banning Legal Highs

With 31 pubs closing each week, how successful is the Government scheme designed to protect them from developers? For the past 2 years, campaigners

Enda Kenny Announces 15 Ministers Of State

Enda Kenny announced his 15 junior ministers today, so there are very few decisions remaining which can put any hold on implementing the Fine

Economist David McWilliams To Give Free Advice To Independents

When David McWilliams announced earlier this week that he would not be running in the forthcoming election as an independent candidate, many Irish people

ECB and IMF Declares Democracy Outdated in the Eurozone PIIGS Nations

An undemocratic pattern seems to be emerging across Europe. When the public of a particular country becomes entrenched against austerity measures, which appear to

Details Of Irish Debt Released By Central Bank [View Data]

The Irish Central Bank have taken the unusual step of releasing data which purports to show the level of senior and subordinated debt within

Deserting A Sinking Ship: TDs Slipping Out The Back Door

There will be more new TDs than ever, after the new Dáil is elected, no matter what way things go in the 2011 Irish

Are Gilmore And Kenny Treating The Public Like Non-Entity’s?

I heard Eamon Gilmore speaking on radio earlier today, and he stated that the public now know that there are just three options for

2011 Irish General Election Will Take Place On February 25th

After much speculation, the Fianna Fáil party are not holding us to ransom any more. They have confirmed that the general election will take

31st Dáil – Composition Of New Irish Parliament & Cabinet

The 31st Dáil sat today at 12 midday for the first time, and began to go through the usual antiquated theatrical ridiculousness that we

The FIFA Fraud: World Cup 2010 Qualifiers In Europe

Over the past few weeks, a strange anomaly in the play-off structure for the final European places at the 2010 FIFA World Cup has

Will Israel Be Indicted For Gaza War Crimes?

Last week the United Nations voted to support a report which accuses both Israel and Palestinian militants of war crimes during the Gaza Invasion

Why Ireland Voted No To The Lisbon Treaty

The Irish No Vote in June is without doubt the biggest stumbling block so far, for Europes leaders, on their path to implementing the

WHO Recommends HIV Drugs To Be Prescribed Earlier

Amongst other yearly recommendations to mark Tuesday’s ‘World AIDS Day’, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has proposed that all of those who are infected

What Madeleine McCann May Look Like At 6½ Years Of Age

The British Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) have released a short video of Madeleine McCann, to show how she may look like

Wacko Jacko: Music Lawsuit & Strange Illness

Michael Jackson is to arrive in London, next week, to appear at a lawsuit case, taken against him by an Arab Sheik. Jackson came