Jailed Mapuche Journalist Speaks About His People’s Struggle

The Chilean state has jailed over 70 Mapuche political prisoners, including Pascual Pichun Collonao, who works as a journalist, and is the

Srebrenica Forgotten: Where is the Promised Foreign Aid?

More than 6,000 houses were destroyed in Srebrenica, but less than half have been rebuilt. After the bloody war, our governments and

Green Business Wastes Away in New York’s Dumping Ground

While banks, car giants and insurance corporations are getting multi-billion dollar bailouts from the US government, small businesses are suffering. One such

Oil Corruption and Press Curtailment in Azerbaijan

According to the Azerbaijani government’s official 2009 annual report from it’s state oil agency, the country received US$10bn from it’s oil exports.

Depleted Uranium from NATO Bombs Remains Deadly in The Balkans

Future generations will have to deal with the massive amounts of highly toxic radioactive Depleted Uranium, which the US-led NATO and Coalition

Saving the Orinoco Crocodiles from Extinction in Venezuela

A joint governmental/NGO project to attempt to save the Orinoco Caiman – which is actually a type of crocodile – is taking

Chinese Govt Persecution of Falun Gong – Refugees Speak

This film gives us a glimpse into the violent spiritual persecution which is carried out by the Chinese government. We learn about

Journalism is a Deadly Business in Burma

The Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) broadcasts from Northern Thailand, to the people of Burma (Myanmar). The state censorship by the oppressive

Palestinian Teen Chooses Trash Over School

Mohammed is a 14 year old Gazan boy who has chose to leave school in favour of working as a plastic waste

Displaced Tamils Remain Imprisoned in Sri Lankan Refugee Camps

After three years of civil war, those living in the Sri Lankan territory which was formerly controlled by the Tamil Tigers are

Is Uganda’s Oil Boom A Cure Or Curse?

It has been widely-known, since the 1920’s, that there are large reserves of oil underground in Uganda, but major exploration only really

Israeli Military’s NEW MEDIA Unit – Online Propaganda Machine

Focussing on how the Israeli military used online tools to deliver its narrative of the 2010 Gaza Flotilla Attack & Massacre, to

FAQ: Depleted Uranium in Urine of Soldiers

The WISE Uranium Project have come up with this excellent guide for soldiers who have served in Iraq (both the 1st Gulf

Nuclear Weapons Stockpiles In Europe

The list below features all European nations who own stockpiles of Nuclear weapons. Whilst this list concerns only the nations who own

Nuclear Weapons Stockpiles In The Americas

The list below features all nations who own stockpiles of Nuclear weapons in The Americas. Whilst this list concerns only the nations