The FIFA Fraud: World Cup 2010 Qualifiers In Europe

Over the past few weeks, a strange anomaly in the play-off structure for the final European places at the 2010 FIFA World Cup has

Will Israel Be Indicted For Gaza War Crimes?

Last week the United Nations voted to support a report which accuses both Israel and Palestinian militants of war crimes during the Gaza Invasion

Why Ireland Voted No To The Lisbon Treaty

The Irish No Vote in June is without doubt the biggest stumbling block so far, for Europes leaders, on their path to implementing the

WHO Recommends HIV Drugs To Be Prescribed Earlier

Amongst other yearly recommendations to mark Tuesday’s ‘World AIDS Day’, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has proposed that all of those who are infected

What Madeleine McCann May Look Like At 6½ Years Of Age

The British Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) have released a short video of Madeleine McCann, to show how she may look like

Wacko Jacko: Music Lawsuit & Strange Illness

Michael Jackson is to arrive in London, next week, to appear at a lawsuit case, taken against him by an Arab Sheik. Jackson came

Venezuela Admits To Uranium Mining With Iran

What a year it has already been for nuclear-related stories, and this latest tale may indeed prove to be a very useful one for

US-Russia Nuclear Deal Does Not Go Far Enough

This new nuclear deal between the US and Russia has been hailed as a big move for both countries, but even Barack & Dmitry

US Pressure Forces Fake Honduran Civil Concessions

After some serious pressure from the United States, we were told on Monday that the Honduran coup’s military leaders had granted some civil concessions,

Unfair European Play-Off Draw Finally Made By FIFA

Thankfully, this seeding farce by FIFA is finally over, and as much as I hate to admit it, Ireland has come off worse compared

UK Pound Continues To Decline In Value

The British Pound (£) has dropped to a record low against the Euro, and looks like dropping even further, but curiously, the Bank Of

UK Expenses Row: Beginning Of Major Parliament Reform?

The 20-odd days of revelations about the UK Members of Parliament’s lucrative expenses scheme, by The Telegraph, has swept a sudden interest in politics

Binyam Mohammed Torture Complicity Almost Proven In The UK

Little by little we are getting a much fuller picture of the ‘war on terror’ since Blair and Bush have both left office. There

10 Riskiest Foods Includes Leafy Greens, Berries & Potatoes

According to a report released yesterday by the ‘Center for Science in the Public Interest’ (CSPI), the riskiest foods being retailed in the United

Thickness Of World’s Ice Is Decreasing Rapidly

Following on from a couple of Summer 2009 reports which clearly showed massive decreases in the volume and thickness of the Arctic’s ice sheets,