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What is a Virus? – A Basic Description

A virus is a microscopic organism that can ‘infect’ all types of lifeforms, including animals, plants and even fellow microorganisms, including bacteria.

The Cove – The Massacre of 1000s of Dolphins Yearly in Taiji, Japan

Documentary about a secretive inlet near the town of Taiji in Japan where, it turns out, thousands of dolphins are massacred each

Colin Crowell – Twitter VP on Net Anonymity and Govt Inteference

Twitter vice president Colin Crowell talks about how online platforms, like Twitter, play a key role in connecting people and spreading ideas.

Kenan Malik – Freedom of Expression and the Right to Offend

British-Indian author Kenan Malik speaks about how the right to offend is necessary in order to protect other rights, such as the

Shiraz Maher – Inside the Mind of an Islamic Extremist

Islamic extremism expert Shiraz Maher draws from both his academic background and his personal history to address why people all over the

Kimberley Motley – Afghanistan’s Only Foreign Litigator

American attorney Kimberley Motley talks about her dramatic experience as the only foreign litigator in Afghanistan as she strives to promote the

Børge Brende – Honoring Václav Havel’s Ideals of Liberty

Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende opens the 2015 Oslo Freedom Forum by honoring Václav Havel’s ideals of liberty. He reminds

Larry Diamond – Recent Democratic Erosion in Global Nations

Political science professor Larry Diamond highlights the troubling recent phenomena of democratic erosion in nation states – which has resulted in an

Kambiz Hosseini – Using Satire as a Tool for Change in Iran

Iranian actor and television host Kambiz Hosseini, who lives in exile in the United States, discusses the importance of comedy as a

Ji Seong-ho – Living in, and Defecting from, North Korea

North Korean refugee Ji Seong-ho shares his powerful story of struggle and survival. He describes growing up during North Korea’s grueling famine

Amira Yahyaoui – Power Inequality for Youth and Women Majority

Tunisian human rights defender Amira Yahyaoui talks about the global youth as an underrepresented force in many governments. She draws attention to

Alaa Murabit – Libyan Women’s Key Role in Peacebuilding

Libyan activist Alaa Murabit shows us how ongoing conflict has affected daily life in her country. She stresses the importance of acknowledging

Andrés Velasco – Dictatorship and Democracy in Chile

Chilean economist Andrés Velasco describes how political, economic, and social unrest led to the collapse of Chilean democracy in the 1970s. Growing

Marc Ona Essangui – Violence and Repression by Gabon’s Rulers

Environmental activist Marc Ona Essangui describes the brutal reality in his home country Gabon – a nation that fails to provide for

Maryam Faghihimani – Being the Daughter of an Iranian Ayatollah

Iranian human rights scholar and activist Maryam Faghihimani describes her personal experience as the daughter of one of Iran’s most prominent ayatollahs.