Binyam Mohammed Torture Complicity Almost Proven In The UK

Little by little we are getting a much fuller picture of the ‘war on terror’ since Blair and Bush have both left office. There

10 Riskiest Foods Includes Leafy Greens, Berries & Potatoes

According to a report released yesterday by the ‘Center for Science in the Public Interest’ (CSPI), the riskiest foods being retailed in the United

Thickness Of World’s Ice Is Decreasing Rapidly

Following on from a couple of Summer 2009 reports which clearly showed massive decreases in the volume and thickness of the Arctic’s ice sheets,

Iran Elections 2009: Violent Government Public Crackdown Continues

So far, 19 people are said to have been killed in the Iranian protests, since the election results were released, according to reports coming

The Real Truth Behind The Release Of al-Megrahi

Although there are conflicting messages coming from the Scottish, Libyan, British and American governments, there is definite evidence pointing towards al-Megrahi’s release being linked

The Curious Case Of Sarah Palin

The way in which Sarah Palin resigned from her Alaskan Governor’s position on Friday evening is only the latest chapter in a short, but

2009 EU Elections – The Voting Blocks & Complete Results

Most of the results have been declared in the 2009 European Parliament Elections. Below is a list of the main voting coalitions in the

Swine Flu Now Officially A Pandemic, According To WHO

Shocking news is going out that the WHO has just announced that the current outbreak of Swine Flu is now to be considered a

Supreme Court Legalises Sexual Discrimination In Irish Golf Clubs

This week the Irish Supreme Court has ruled that Portmarnock Golf Club – one of Dublin’s most prestigious golfing establishments – can continue to

South American Leaders Angry Over US-Colombia Troop Deal

A deal between Colombia and the United States which will see over 1,000 US troops based in Colombian army bases is causing a lot

South America Continues It’s War Against The DEA

In a slightly shocking move, Argentina and Mexico have both taken some giant steps towards the decriminalisation of drugs, which seems to be part

Slovakia & Hungary Continue Trend In Post-Soviet Europe

Last Friday the Slovak authorities barred the Hungarian president, Laszlo Solyom, from attending a civil statue-unveiling ceremony in the south of the country. He

Should The UK Government Pay For It’s Terrorism?

The Sinn Fein leader, Gerry Adams, has brought up an important and controversial point about the payment of compensation to the victims of ‘The

Guinea: September 28 Massacre Was Premeditated

An in-depth investigation into the September 28, 2009 killings and rapes at a peaceful rally in Conakry, Guinea, has uncovered new evidence that the

Second Lisbon Vote Gets Underway, But Does Ireland Care?

The polling for the second Lisbon Treaty referendum opened in Ireland yesterday for small pockets of voters on isolated islands, and the lack of