The 4 Fianna Fáil Leadership Contenders – More Of The Same?

Fianna Fáil will actually get to choose a new leader before the impending election, a move which has been in some doubt for a

Obama’s Speech To The Muslim World, In Cairo On June 4th 2009

On Thursday, June the 4th 2009, the American President Barack Obama gave a speech that some are calling historic, to a mostly Arab audience

Complete List Of 2008 Nobel Medal Winners

We are all aware of the Nobel Peace Prize, but there are also 5 other “Nobel Prizes” given out, for Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or

New Hubble Images Show Infant Star Coming To Life

Back in 2003 astronomers had to fight to keep funding flowing for the Hubble telescope after an important servicing mission was cancelled due to

New Deal May Prompt Czech Ratification Of Lisbon Treaty

The eurosceptic Czech president, Vaclav Klaus, has hinted that a new Swedish-proposed deal may satisfy his worries about the Lisbon Treaty, and may prompt

Mars Lander – NASA’s Phoenix Is Presumed Dead

NASA have issued a statement saying that they have not heard from the Phoenix lander since November the 2nd, and are now presuming that

NASA Launches First Rocket Since 1981… For What?

Yesterday NASA launched it’s first full size rocket since 1981, as part of it’s plans to reach the Moon over the coming decade. The

Naked Scanner Being Trialled In Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport has begun trials of a new technology which, it is hoped, will improve airport security, but many civil liberties groups are calling

More Water Found On The Moon & Mars

In an ironic twist from us loosing our ice here on Earth, we have now come across large deposits of the newly-endangered substance in

More Mixed Messages From Burma’s Dictators

Two very different headlines are circulating in the world’s press these past few days regarding Burma. We are being told by the mainstream media

Morales Suspends United States DEA Anti-Drug OP’s In Bolivia

President Evo Morales has suspended the United States DEA, and all of its “Anti-Drug” operations, in Bolivia, indefinitely. He has accused the Americans of

Moon Landings Are Celebrated With Questionable NASA Photos

If you follow the news regularly, no matter which source(s) you get your news from, you will have been bombarded this week with NASA

Moon Impact Mission Now Confirmed As Success

On the 9th of October this year, the Centaur rocket was launched towards the Cabeus crater on the Moon, by the Lunar CRater Observing

Mixed Feelings Across America As The DC Sniper Goes Silently

The reaction to Tuesday’s execution of John Allen Muhammad has been mixed at best, with many people saying that Lee Boyd Malvo should have

National Priorities Project Report: Military Cost Of Securing Oil & Gas In 2009

The US-based NATIONAL PRIORITIES PROJECT have issued a new report showing that somewhere between $97bn and $215bn will be spent in 2009 by the