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Location of Africa
Sand dunes in the Namib Desert in Namibia
Sand dunes in the Namib Desert in Namibia
image: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen / license / full-size
Geography and Nature
Total Land Area: 30,221,532 sq km / 11,668,598.7 sq miles [1]
Primary Tectonic Plate:
Major Tectonic Plates In The World
Recognised Countries:
Recognised Countries In Africa
55 (53 widely-recognised & 2 partially-recognised states) [2]
Overseas Dependencies:
Overseas Dependencies In Africa
Disputed Territories:
Disputed Territories In Africa
Trans-Continental Countries:
Trans-Continental Countries In Africa
0 widely-considered trans-continental nations & 5 possible trans-continental nations
Largest Country:
Largest Countries In Africa
Sudan - 2,505,813 sq km / 967,500 sq miles
Smallest Country:
Seychelles - 451 sq km / 174 sq miles
Highest Mountain:
Mount Kilimanjaro - 5,892 metres / 19,340 ft - Tanzania
Longest River:
The Nile - 6,650 km / 4,135 miles - Egypt / Sudan / Uganda / Ethiopia
Largest Lake: Lake Victoria - 69,485 sq km / 26,828 sq miles - Uganda / Kenya / Tanzania
Most Forested Country:
Most Forested Countries In Africa
Seychelles - 87% of total land area forested (FAO/UN) [3]
Most De-Forested Country:
Most De-Forested Countries In Africa
Comoros - 63.3% of forestation disappeared between 1990 and 2007 (FAO/UN) [3]
Most Re-Forested Country:
Most Re-Forested Countries In Africa
Tunisia - increased forestation by 70.3% between 1990 and 2007 (FAO/UN) [3]
Population and Health
Total African Population:
African Population 1959-2050
1,033,042,510 - 14.95% of World population (UNdata) [4]
Most Populous Region:
Most Populous Regions In Africa
Eastern Africa - 327,186,148 - 4.74% of World population (UNdata) [4]
Most Populous Country:
Most Populous Countries In Africa
Nigeria - 158,258,917 - 2.29% of World population (UNdata) [4]
Most Populous City:
Most Populous Cities In Africa
Lagos - Nigeria - 9,968,455 (World Gazetteer) [5]
Most Populous Metro Area:
Most Populous Metro Areas In Africa
Cairo - Egypt - 16,429,199 (World Gazetteer) [6]
Average Life Expectancy:
52 years (UN) [7]
Infant Mortality Rate: ...
Largest HIV Population:
HIV Statistics For Africa
South Africa - 5,700,000 (UNAIDS) [8]
Highest FGM Prevalence:
FGM Statistics For Africa
Somalia - 97.9% of 15-49 yr old females have had Female Genital Mutilation (UNIFEM) [9]
Future Population Estimates (UNdata)
2015 [4]
Total African Population: 1,153,037,902
Most Populous Region: Eastern Africa 372,455,345
Most Populous Country: Nigeria 175,927,786
2020 [4]
Total African Population: 1,276,369,389
Most Populous Region: Eastern Africa 420,200,330
Most Populous Country: Nigeria 193,252,473
2050 [4]
Total African Population: 1,998,465,920
Most Populous Region: Eastern Africa 711,429,779
Most Populous Country: Nigeria 289,082,564
Total Nuclear Reactors:
2 Operational Nuclear Power Reactors (IAEA) [10]
Most Nuclear Power Reactors:
Nuclear Power Reactors In Africa
South Africa - 2 Operational Nuclear Power Reactors (IAEA) [10]
Future Nuclear Reactors:
Reactors Under Construction In Africa
0 Nuclear Power Reactors Currently Under Construction (IAEA) [11]
Shutdown Nuclear Reactors:
Shutdown Reactors In Africa
0 Permanently Shutdown Nuclear Power Reactors (IAEA) [12]
Civil Rights
Least Peaceful Country:
Least Peaceful Countries In Africa
Somalia (Global Peace Index) [13]
Most Peaceful Country:
Botswana (Global Peace Index) [13]
Most Corrupt Country:
Most Corrupt Countries In Africa
Somalia (Corruption Perceptions Index) [14]
Least Corrupt Country:
Botswana (Corruption Perceptions Index) [14]
African Yearly Military Budget:
World & Continental Military Budgets
US$27,400,000,000 (SIPRI) [15]
Largest National Military Budget:
Largest Military Budgets In The World
South Africa - US$3,500,000,000 (GlobalSecurity.org) [16]
Highest Military Spend (% GDP):
Military Spending In Africa
Eritrea - 6.30% of GDP (CIA World Factbook) [17]
Lowest Military Spend (% GDP):
Equatorial Guinea - 0.10% of GDP (CIA World Factbook) [17]
Major Armed Conflicts:
Major Armed Conflicts In Africa
During 2009, 4 major conflicts took place in Africa (SIPRI) [15]
Multilateral Arms Embargoes:
Multilateral Arms Embargoes In Africa
10 major multilateral arms embargoes are currently in place (UK Government Info) [18]
Most Nuclear Weapons:
Nuclear Weapons Stockpiles In Africa
Africa currently has no countries with Nuclear Weapons Stockpiles (Federation of American Scientists) [10]
Most Depleted Uranium:
Depleted Uranium Stockpiles In Africa
South Africa - 73 tonnes (WISE Uranium Project) [20]
Media and Communications
Most Internet Users:
Most Overall Internet Users In Africa
Egypt - 12,568,920 (UN) [21]
Least Free National Press:
Least Free National Press In Africa
Eritrea (Press Freedom Index) [22]
Most Free National Press:
Ghana (Press Freedom Index) [22]
Most Newspaper Journalists:
Most Newspaper Journalists In Africa
Mauritius - 333.6 Newspaper Journalists per 1 million inhabitants (UN) [21]
United Nations
United Nations Member States:
UN Member States In Africa
53 (UN) [23]
Current UN Peacekeeping Missions:
Current Peacekeeping Missions In Africa
7 (UN) [24]
Largest UN Peacekeeping Force:
Largest Peacekeeping Missions In Africa
UNAMID Sudan, Darfur Region - 26,103 total personnel (UN) [24]
Most Expensive UN Peacekeeping:
Most Expensive Peacekeeping In Africa
UNAMID Sudan, Darfur Region - 2009-2010 Yearly Budget: US$1,598,940,000 (UN) [24]
More Facts + Figures
Highest Yearly GDP:
Highest GDP IN Africa
South Africa - US$276,764,000,000 (IMF) [25] / US$276,764,000,000 (World Bank) [26]
Tallest Building:
Carlton Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa - 223 metres / 732 feet - 50 floors (Emporis) [27]
Continent Location
Map showing location of Africa
[1] This figure is an estimate and may be slightly off when considering different interpretations of where the continent begins and ends. It should only be used as a guide.
[2] "List Of Geographic Names, also includes non-recognised states and some territories too" UN (United Nations). The countries highlighted in bold text are the fully internationally-recognised countries, and the remainder are a mixture of partially-recognised states, territories and dependancies.
[3] "ENVIRONMENTAL INDICATORS: Forests" United Nations Statistics Division - Statistics compiled by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).
[4] UNdata statistics database (United Nations). UNdata quotes the original sources of the above estimates as being 'United Nations Population Division' (World Population Prospects: The 2008 Revision, released in 2009). The next United Nations population statistics update is due in 2011.
[5] "World: largest cities and towns and statistics of their population" All statistics © Stefan Helders, www.world-gazetteer.com
[6] "World: most populous metropolitan areas" All statistics © Stefan Helders, www.world-gazetteer.com
[7] "United Nations World Mortality Wallchart 2007" These are the official estimates for 2007 life expectancy rates by the UN.
[8] "UNAIDS Interactive map" 2008 Report on the global AIDS epidemic, July 2008, UNAIDS. In the menu on the left, click on "HIV infection & AIDS Epidemic by country", then click "People living with HIV in 2007". You will then be able to view the statistics for each country by scanning over the interactive map of the World.
[9] "Countries where female genital mutilation has been documented" - PDF File/see page 29 - the latest available figures by the United Nations. This report is a section of the United Nations UNIFEM report "Eliminating Female Genital Mutilation: An Interagency Statement".
[10] "NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS - Operational & Long Term Shutdown Reactors by Country" - International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
[11] "NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS - Under Construction Reactors by Country" - International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
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[13] "Global Peace Index :: Web Version".
[14] "Corruption Perceptions Index 2009" Released on the 17th of November 2009, these are the yearly CPI Index scores for the 180 countries which it evaluates. The CPI rating is based on 13 different independent surveys, however, not all surveys are used for all countries.
[15] "SIPRI Yearbook 2010: Summary" - Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
[16] "World Wide Military Expenditures" - GlobalSecurity.org
[17] "The CIA World Factbook 2009 :: Country Comparison :: Military expenditures" - Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
[18] "Current Arms Embargoes and Other Restrictions" - United Kingdom Department For Business, Innovation and Skills.
[19] "Status of World Nuclear Forces 2010" Federation of American Scientists - All numbers are estimates with ongoing updates.
[20] "World Depleted Uranium Inventory" WISE Uranium Project.
[21] The statistics quoted above are taken from the UNdata statistics database - United Nations.
[22] "Press Freedom Index 2009" - Reporters Without Borders.
[23] "Press Release ORG/1469 - UNITED NATIONS MEMBER STATES" United Nations Department of Public Information, News and Media Division.
[24] "United Nations Peacekeeping - Current Missions" United Nations.
[25] "World Economic Outlook Database, October 2009" International Monetary Fund (IMF).
[26] "World Bank Gross Domestic Product Figures For 2008" World Bank.
[27] "Official World's 200 Tallest High-rise Buildings" Emporis.com
Article Copyright
This article is copyrighted to BlatantWorld.com, and may not be re-published for any reason.

Whilst we would ideally like to offer this article under a Creative Commons License, we are putting this copyrighted notice on this page due to it's nature - it is constantly changing with new facts & figures being added and statistics continuously being updated - plus it contains a mixture of data from sources, some of which would not allow us to offer them under a Creative Commons License.

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