Facts+Figures: Africa

UN Permanent Observer Organisations in Africa

This is a list of all Intergovernmental organizations and other entity’s that currently have permanent offices at the United Nations (UN) headquarters,

The Largest Countries in Africa

This is a list of Africa’s countries, dependencies and nations, listed from the largest to the smallest in km2. It includes all

Trans-Continental Countries in Africa

This page includes multiple lists of transcontinental nations and countries in Africa. First of all we have the contiguous transcontinental countries –

The Most Deadly Earthquakes in Africa – since 1900

All of the quakes that are believed to have killed 1,000+ people in Africa, since 1900, have occurred on the northern limits

Overseas Territories in Africa

Considering it’s colonisation by European powers during the past couple of centuries, it may be quite surprising to some to see such

Trans-Continental Cities in Africa

There are three African cities that could claim to be transcontinental cities, and all of them are situated in Egypt. Furthermore, all

The Most Populous Countries in Africa 2015

Nigeria is currently Africa’s most populous nation, and by quite a bit too. There are 183 million residents of Nigeria, whilst the

Africa Vs Asia – The Population Balance Will Change This Century

According to the United Nations’ Population Division, this century’s shift in population will see Africa almost catch up with Asia in terms

Africa Population 1950-2100 (5yr Intervals & % Change)

This chart depicts the estimated population on the African continent, for every five year point, between 1950 and 2100. Also included is