Disputed Territories: World

The Caprivi Strip – Territorial Dispute

The Caprivi Strip, or simply ‘Caprivi’ as it is also known, was one of those regions that got devoured by Europeans during

Northern Ireland – Territorial Dispute

Since the 1100’s, parts of Ireland, or the island in full, has been controlled by Britain to some degree, and this long-term

Spratly Islands – Territorial Dispute

Spratly Islands – The Spratly Islands are a group of more than 650+ reefs, islets, atolls, cays and islands, which are located

Olivenza & Táliga – Territorial Dispute

Olivenza & Táliga (Olivença & Talega) – Portugal controlled the Olivenza and Táliga regions from 1297, until it ceded them to Spain,

Northern Cyprus (Turkish Cyprus) – Territorial Dispute

Northern Cyprus (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) – Claims independence, but the Republic of Cyprus also claims sovereignty. Only Turkey recognises Northern

Macclesfield Bank (Zhongsha Islands) – Territorial Dispute

Macclesfield Bank (Zhongsha Islands) – Macclesfield Bank is a huge underwater group of reefs and shoals which is claimed and currently controlled

Kashmir (Jammu & Kashmir) – Territorial Dispute

Kashmir (often referred to as Jammu & Kashmir by local and international organisations, including the United Nations) – Jammu & Kashmir was

Glorioso (Glorieuses) Islands – Territorial Dispute

Glorioso/Glorieuses Islands (Archipel des Glorieuses) – This archipelago operates as a nature reserve, which is manned by the French Foreign Legion, due

Turkish Kurdistan (Northern Kurdistan) – Territorial Dispute

Turkish Kurdistan (Northern Kurdistan) – The Turkish portion of Kurdistan is also know as Northern Kurdistan, and it covers about a third

Tromelin Island – Territorial Dispute

Tromelin Island (part of the French overseas territory of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands) – France claims sovereignty over this 1

Taiwan (Republic of China) – Territorial Dispute

Taiwan + associated islands; Kinmen Islands, Matsu Islands, the Pratas/Dongsha Islands and Itu Aba/Taiping Island (Republic of China) – The ‘Republic of

Syrian Kurdistan (Western Kurdistan) – Territorial Dispute

Syrian Kurdistan (Western Kurdistan) – This part of Kurdistan, also known as Western Kurdistan, encompasses a thin slice at the top of

South Ossetia – Territorial Dispute

South Ossetia (Republic of South Ossetia) – Claims independence from Georgia since 1990, but Georgia also claims full sovereignty over the region,

South China Sea Islands – Territorial Dispute

South China Sea Islands – The South China Sea Islands is a term used to describe a bunch of mostly-contested island groups

Palestine – Territorial Dispute

Palestine – Claims independence, and two separate Palestinian governments currently control large parts of the West Bank (the Palestinian National Authority) and