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Michael Moore -
Capitalism: A Love Story
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This satirical documentary film revolves around the financial crisis of 2007-2010, and in particular, the recovery stimulus which was brought in by the Bush & Obama administrations. Topics covered include Wall Street's 'casino mentality', for-profit prisons, Goldman Sachs' influence in Washington, DC, the poverty-level wages of many workers, the large wave of home foreclosures, and the consequences of 'runaway greed'. DVDs, instant videos and blu-ray discs of this film can be purchased at Amazon.com, plus you can read some reviews there too. You can also get copies of this film on Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, Amazon.de and Amazon.fr.

Film by: Michael Moore Length: 127 mins
Year: 2009 Hosted By: Daily Motion
Micheal Moore - Capitalism: A Love Story

Regular DVDs can be purchased by clicking the 'buy now' buttons to the right

Downloadable Amazon instant video (US customers only) and Blu-Ray are also available

Michael Moore
Sicko - The US Healthcare System Breakdown
Michael Moore's recent hit documentary unveiled some of the inadequacies, and terrible inequalities, within the US healthcare system
Roger & Me - GM Closures
General Motors' CEO Roger Smith closed down Flint's factories, which has resulted in up to 100k job losses to date
Keith Olbermann Interviews Michael Moore - Capitalism & Bush's Memoirs
Michael Moore summing up how the bank bailout came about, and his thoughts about George Bush's recently-published autobiography
Lawrence O'Donnell Interviews Michael Moore - Obama & Democrats Final Chance
Discussing Obama's concession-like speech, when his party still remain in control of the Senate, the White House, and US public opinion
Michael Moore Challenges CNN Over SiCKO & Fahrenheit 9/11 Bias
Michael Moore challenges Wolf Blitzer to apologise, on behalf of CNN correspondents, for not doing their bit to bring the Iraq War truth to the US public
Related Image
Michael Moore, pictured at the 2009 Venice Film Festival
Michael Moore, pictured at the 2009 Venice Film Festival image: Nicolas Genin (license)
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Capitalism: A Love Story
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