The Most Populous Continents in The World 2015

Singapore at dusk, Asia

Singapore at dusk, Asia (image: Chenisyuan)

These are the estimated population figures for 2015, for all of the major continents, according to the popular six continent model.

These totals have been put together by the United Nations Population Division, as part of their latest revision of the ‘World Population Prospects’.

Asia is the current most populous continent, by far. Africa comes in at a distant second place, with a little over a quarter of Asia’s population.

Overall total population for each global continent is featured, plus the percentage each continent constitutes within the overall World population.

Continental Population around the World

2015 / 2025 / 2050 / 2100 / Compare Growth / Africa Vs Asia shift

Continent2015 Population [1]% of World Population
4North America576,163,4677.87
5South America415,053,2695.67

[1]Total population, both sexes combined” by UNdata, the statistical division of the United Nations. This data was put together by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs – Population Division, Populations Estimates, Projections Section. This data forms part of “World Population Prospects: The 2012 Revision“, the latest available data from the United Nations. Data last updated by the UNdata on 20 August 2013.

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