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Quick List Of African Nations [A-Z]
This is a list of current operational nations within Africa, with only widely-used English-language country titles used throughout. Along with all fully recognised countries and partially-recognised states, we have also included highly independent inhabited foreign dependencies, and newly-formed countries which are un-recognised to date, but which are effectively governing independently.
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Country Info
Algeria Recognised Country
Angola Recognised Country
Ascension Overseas Dependency (United Kingdom)
Benin Recognised Country
Botswana Recognised Country
Burkina Faso Recognised Country
Burundi Recognised Country
Cabinda Disputed Territory (Angola-controlled)
Cameroon Recognised Country
Cape Verde Recognised Country
Central African Republic Recognised Country
Chad Recognised Country
Comoros Recognised Country
Congo see 'DR Congo' & 'Republic of the Congo'
Cueta Overseas Dependency (Spain)
Djibouti Recognised Country
DR Congo Recognised Country
Egypt Recognised Country
Equatorial Guinea Recognised Country
Eritrea Recognised Country
Ethiopia Recognised Country
Gabon Recognised Country
Gambia Recognised Country
Ghana Recognised Country
Guinea Recognised Country
Guinea-Bissau Recognised Country
Ivory Coast Recognised Country
Kenya Recognised Country
Lesotho Recognised Country
Liberia Recognised Country
Libya Recognised Country
Madagascar Recognised Country
Madeira Overseas Dependency (Portugal)
Malawi Recognised Country
Mali Recognised Country
Mauritania Recognised Country
Mauritius Recognised Country
Mayotte Overseas Dependency (France)
Melilla Overseas Dependency (Spain)
Morocco Recognised Country
Mozambique Recognised Country
Namibia Recognised Country
Niger Recognised Country
Nigeria Recognised Country
Republic of the Congo Recognised Country
RĂ©union Overseas Dependency (France)
Rwanda Recognised Country
SADR/Sahrawi Arab Dem. Rep. see 'Western Sahara'
Saint Helena Overseas Dependency (United Kingdom)
Sao Tome & Principe Recognised Country
Senegal Recognised Country
Seychelles Recognised Country
Sierra Leone Recognised Country
Somalia Recognised Country
Somaliland Disputed Territory (Ongoing Dispute)
South Africa Recognised Country
Sudan Recognised Country
Swaziland Recognised Country
Tanzania Recognised Country
Togo Recognised Country
Tristan da Cunha Overseas Dependency (United Kingdom)
Tunisia Recognised Country
Uganda Recognised Country
Western Sahara Disputed Territory (Ongoing Dispute)
Zambia Recognised Country
Zimbabwe Recognised Country
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Quick List Of Nations [A-Z]
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