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Largest Lakes In Asia

This list below includes both freshwater and saltwater lakes. Some important points to note:
# There is a particular argument ongoing as to whether the Caspian Sea is the biggest lake in the World, or the smallest sea.
# The South Aral Sea is the most substantial remaining part of the Aral Sea which was split in 1987. The Aral Sea was formerly the 4th largest lake in the World, with an area of 68,000 km sq, and a water volume of over 1,000 km3 in 1960. A lot of inflow has subsequently been diverted to serve nearby agricultural lands, leaving behind a massive dry salty basin and a ruined fishing industry. The area and water volume in the South Aral Sea continues to diminish year on year, and fluctuates with seasons too. The figure below is just an estimate and could be considerably lower.
# If it were a natural lake, the Bukhtarma Reservoir (5,490 sq km / 1,317 sq miles - Kazakhstan) would be the 7th largest lake in Asia, by total surface area. The Bratsk Reservoir (5,470 sq km / 1,312 sq miles - Russia) would then be at Number 8, if it too was not man-made.
# The only saltwater lakes included on the list below, are the South Aral Sea, Lake Balkhash, the Caspian Sea, Lake Issyk-Kul, Qinghai Lake and Lake Urmia.

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1 Caspian Sea Azerbaijan /
Iran /
Kazakhstan /
Russia /
78,200 km3 /
18,800 cubic miles
371,000 sq km /
143,000 sq miles
The Caspian Sea
2 Baikal Russia 23,600 km3 /
5,700 cubic miles
31,500 sq km /
12,200 sq miles
Lake Baikal
3 Balkhash Kazakhstan 106 km3 /
25 cubic miles
18,428 sq km /
7,115 sq miles
Lake Balkhash
4 Issyk-Kul Kyrgyzstan 1,738 km3 /
417 cubic miles
6,236 sq km /
2,408 sq miles
Lake Issyk-Kul
5 Urmia Iran 45 km3 /
10.8 cubic miles
5,960 sq km /
2,301 sq miles
Lake Urmia
6 South Aral Sea Kazakhstan /
  3-5,000 sq km
(getting smaller
each year, with
seasonal changes)
no image
7 Taymyr / Taimyr Russia 13 km3 /
3.1 cubic miles
4,560 sq km /
1,761 sq miles
Lake Taymyr
8 Qinghai Lake China   4,489 sq km /
1,733 sq miles
Qinghai Lake
9 Khanka China /
18.3 km3 /
4.4 cubic miles
4,190 sq km /
1,620 sq miles
Lake Khanka
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Lake Images Info
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