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United Nations Member States In Asia
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United Nations Member States In Asia
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Founded at the end of World War II in 1945, to replace the League of Nations, the United Nations (UN) currently has 192 member states globally. The only widely-recognised nation which is not a current UN member state, is the Vatican City (Holy See), but it participates as an observer, as does Palestine. The United Nations has massive influence over international law & security, and is tasked, by the global public, to look after most of the humanitarian crisis' which occur. At this point in history, it is impossible to gauge the effectiveness of the UN as an organisation which aims to end poverty, war and disease, and which promises to stimulate social development worldwide.
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United Nations Member States In Asia
Country Joined [1] Official Name
Afghanistan November.19.1946 Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Armenia March.02.1992 Republic of Armenia
Azerbaijan March.02.1992 Republic of Azerbaijan
Bahrain September.21.1971 Kingdom of Bahrain
Bangladesh September.17.1974 People's Republic of Bangladesh
Bhutan September.21.1971 Kingdom of Bhutan
Brunei September.21.1984 State of Brunei, Abode of Peace
Burma April.19.1948 Union of Myanmar
Cambodia December.14.1955 Kingdom of Cambodia
China October.24.1945 People's Republic of China
Cyprus, Republic of September.20.1960 Republic of Cyprus
East Timor September.27.2002 Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
Georgia July.31.1992 Georgia
India October.30.1945 Republic of India
Indonesia September.28.1950 Republic of Indonesia
Iran October.24.1945 Islamic Republic of Iran
Iraq December.21.1945 Republic of Iraq
Israel May.11.1949 State of Israel
Japan December.18.1962 Nippon-koku / Nihon-koku
Jordan December.18.1956 Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Kazakhstan March.02.1992 Republic of Kazakhstan
Kuwait May.14.1963 State of Kuwait
Kyrgyzstan March.02.1992 Kyrgyz Republic
Laos December.14.1955 Lao People's Democratic Republic
Lebanon October.24.1945 Republic of Lebanon
Malaysia September.17.1957 Federation of Malaysia
Maldives September.21.1965 Republic of Maldives
Mongolia October.27.1961 Mongol Nation
Nepal December.14.1955 Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
North Korea September.17.1991 Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Oman October.07.1971 Sultanate of Oman
Pakistan September.30.1947 Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Philippines October.24.1945 Republic of the Philippines
Qatar September.21.1971 State of Qatar
Russia October.24.1945 Russian Federation
Saudi Arabia October.24.1945 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Singapore September.21.1965 Republic of Singapore
South Korea September.17.1991 Republic of Korea
Sri Lanka December.14.1955 Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
Syria October.24.1945 Syrian Arab Republic
Tajikistan March.02.1992 Republic of Tajikistan
Thailand December.16.1946 Kingdom of Thailand
Turkey October.24.1945 Republic of Turkey
Turkmenistan March.02.1992 Turkmenistan
United Arab Emirates December.09.1971 United Arab Emirates
Uzbekistan March.02.1992 Republic of Uzbekistan
Vietnam September.20.1977 Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Yemen September.30.1947 Republic of Yemen
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[1] "Press Release ORG/1469 - UNITED NATIONS MEMBER STATES" United Nations Department of Public Information, News and Media Division, New York, July 3rd 2006. This is the most up-to-date list, and is directly quoted on the main United Nations website, as the current list of member nations. Last Retrieved by BlatantWorld.com July.28.2010
Article Copyright Creative Commons License
This work by BlatantWorld.com is hereby licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Basically, you can re-use part of it, or all of it, for commercial and non-commercial uses, provided that you (1) release it under the same license, and (2) attribute BlatantWorld.com as the original author.

This license covers text only. The United Nations flag was released by OpenClipArt.org into the public domain.

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