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Military Expenditure In Europe (% GDP)
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National Military Expenditure In Europe - full list of countries
Europen Countries With No Official Military
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The figures quoted below come from the 2010 online edition of the CIA World Factbook. Whilst politics generally infleunce the overall shape of these kinds of lists, particularly when they are done by governmental agencies, there is atleast a guide here as to which governments are spending too much on internal and external military interests. The CIA has the World average at 2.00%, which, most will agree, is way above what is needed to keep the World stable. When reading this list, please also take into account the actual GDP of the country. Get some GDP info here.
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Data sourced from the online version of the CIA World Factbook - April.07.2010 - Next data update 2011
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National Military Expenditure In Europe
- as % of National GDP
  Country World Rank [1] % Of National GDP [1] Year [2]
1 Armenia 8 6.50 FY01
2 Macedonia 10 6.00 2005 est.
3 Turkey 17 5.30 2005 est.
4 Bosnia & Herzegovina 23 4.50 2005 est.
5 Greece 26 4.30 2005 est.
6 Russia 30 3.90 2005
7 Cyprus, Republic of 34 3.80 2005 est.
8 Azerbaijan 59 2.60 2005 est.
9 France 61 2.60 2005 est.
10 Bulgaria 64 2.60 2005 est.
11 United Kingdom 70 2.40 2005 est.
12 Croatia 71 2.39 2005 est.
13 Portugal 72 2.30 2005 est.
14 Estonia 79 2.00 2005 est.
  The World   2.00 2005 est.
16 Finland 82 2.00 2005 est.
17 Romania 84 1.90 2007 est.
18 Norway 85 1.90 2005 est.
19 Slovakia 88 1.87 2005 est.
20 Italy 92 1.80 2005 est.
21 Hungary 93 1.75 2005 est.
22 Poland 94 1.71 2005 est.
23 Slovenia 98 1.70 2005 est.
24 Netherlands 100 1.60 2005 est.
25 Sweden 105 1.50 2005 est.
26 Germany 108 1.50 2005 est.
27 Albania 109 1.49 2005 est.
28 Czech Republic 110 1.46 2007 est.
29 Ukraine 112 1.40 2005 est.
30 Belarus 116 1.40 2005 est.
31 Denmark 124 1.30 2007 est.
32 Belgium 125 1.30 2005 est.
33 Latvia 126 1.20 2005 est.
34 Spain 127 1.20 2005 est.
35 Lithuania 130 1.20 2007 est.
36 Switzerland 138 1.00 2005 est.
37 Austria 139 0.90 2005 est.
38 Luxembourg 140 0.90 2005 est.
39 Kazakhstan 144 0.90 FY02
40 Ireland, Republic of 145 0.90 2005 est.
41 Malta 152 0.70 2006 est.
42 Georgia 157 0.59 2005 est.
43 Moldova 165 0.40 2005 est.
44 Iceland 172 0.00 2005 est.
European Countries With No Official Military
Country [3]
Vatican City
*NOTE - In addition to those mentioned above, Iceland and Monaco have very limited military forces.
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[1] "The CIA World Factbook Online Edition (Ongoing Updates) :: Country Comparison :: Military expenditures" Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) - these are the figures which have been released as part of the online edition of the CIA Yearbook, and they come from a mixture of sources. Some of these figures are CIA estimates, and all figures, plus the overall shape of the chart, should be treated as a guide only, as politics generally infleunces these kinds of lists when they are made by governmental agencies. last retrieved by on April.07.2010
[2] The year quoted above for each respective country, is the latest year which the CIA World Factbook (online edition - constantly updated) had published when we last retrieved this data. last retrieved by on April.07.2010
[3] Some of the countries listed as having no official military, have a police force which acts in a similar way, and may even be funded as well as military forces in other countries. Many dependenies, autonomous regions and independence-seeking states are not listed above, as this list only includes the most widely-recognised countries and states.

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This license covers text only, however, the main accompanying image - titled 'Armenian Air Force Su-25 attack aircraft' - is a public domain picture, which was edited by, and is hereby re-released into the public domain by

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