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Most Populous Metropolitan Areas In Europe
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Top 100 Most Populous Metropolitan Areas In Europe
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This is a list of the most heavily populated metropolitan areas in Europe, and it includes the 2010 population estimates, which are based on a mixture of official and independent sources. Some of the metropolitan areas listed below are also cities proper, but many others are groupings of cities, towns and urban areas.
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Data released by World Gazetteer - January.01.2010 - Next data release 2011 (unknown date)
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Basic definition of a 'Metropolitan Area' according to Wikipedia:
A metropolitan area is a large population center consisting of a large metropolis and its adjacent zone of influence, or of more than one closely adjoining neighboring central cities and their zone of influence. One or more large cities may serve as its hub or hubs, and the metropolitan area is normally named after either the largest or most important central city within it.
Top 100 Most Populous Metropolitan Areas In Europe
  Metro Area Country City Only [1] 2010 Calculation [2]
1 Moscow Russia 14,926,656
2 Istanbul Turkey 14,350,423
3 London United Kingdom 13,377,482
4 Paris France 11,949,824
5 Rhein-Ruhr Germany 11,857,353
6 Randstad Netherlands 6,608,054
7 Madrid Spain 6,380,913
8 Manchester-Liverpool United Kingdom 5,306,491
9 Berlin Germany 5,076,511
10 Barcelona Spain 4,992,778
11 Saint Peterbursg Russia 4,775,419
12 Milan Italy 4,373,992
13 Rhein-Main Germany 4,165,392
14 Rome Vatican City 4,022,723
15 Athens Greece 3,876,931
16 Napoli Italy 3,865,701
17 Birmingham United Kingdom 3,857,815
18 Hamburg Germany 3,253,591
19 Kiev Ukraine 2,982,115
20 Lisbon Portugal 2,641,704
21 Budapest Hungary 2,567,975
22 Rhein-Neckar Germany 2,548,698
23 Katowice Poland 2,530,022
24 København-Malmö Denmark 2,400,524
25 Stuttgart Germany 2,324,199
26 Munich Germany 2,297,821
27 Warsaw Poland 2,260,396
28 Alma Germany 2,252,443
29 Brussells Belgium 2,227,246
30 Bucharest Romania 2,163,162
31 Vienna Austria 2,134,108
32 Leeds United Kingdom 2,026,728
33 Lille-Kortrijk France 1,943,155
34 Lyon France 1,831,225
35 Beograd Serbia 1,783,589
36 Stockholm Sweden 1,768,177
37 Nižnij Novgorod Russia 1,766,783
38 Minsk Belarus Yes 1,763,899
39 Torino Italy 1,707,201
40 Marseille France 1,646,337
41 Saarbrücken-Forbach Germany 1,638,883
42 Glasgow United Kingdom 1,624,731
43 Donets'k Ukraine 1,614,214
44 Douai-Lens-Béthune-Valenciennes France 1,581,769
45 Kharkiv Ukraine 1,581,559
46 Newcastle upon Tyne United Kingdom 1,494,656
47 Bremen Germany 1,478,248
48 Volgograd Russia 1,456,732
49 Bielefeld Germany 1,439,880
50 Samara Russia 1,416,571
51 Dnipropetrovs'k Ukraine 1,392,770
52 Prauge Czech Republic 1,384,676
53 Halle-Leipzig Germany 1,374,781
54 Rostov-na-Donu Russia 1,371,166
55 Valencia Spain 1,367,631
56 Seville Spain 1,350,413
57 Porto Portugal 1,323,177
58 Sheffield United Kingdom 1,290,255
59 Helsinki Finland 1,288,585
60 Nürnberg Germany 1,250,687
61 Portsmouth-Southampton United Kingdom 1,242,356
62 Sofia Bulgaria 1,205,412
63 Chemnitz-Zwickau Germany 1,201,626
64 Hannover Germany 1,196,304
65 Toulouse France 1,173,182
66 Antwerpen Belgium 1,164,729
67 Bilbao Spain 1,143,511
68 Odessa Ukraine 1,121,080
69 Kazan Russia Yes 1,120,320
70 Belgrade Serbia Yes 1,099,352
71 Nottingham United Kingdom 1,087,395
72 Nice France 1,084,991
73 København Denmark Yes 1,080,638
74 Dresden Germany 1,076,019
75 Dublin Ireland, Republic of Yes 1,069,861
76 Saratov Russia 1,067,620
77 Zürich Switzerland 1,054,482
78 Bordeaux France 1,027,354
79 Ufa Russia Yes 1,017,866
80 Palermo Italy 1,014,119
81 Thessalonika Greece 999,995
82 Lódz Poland 976,030
83 Perm Russia 963,633
84 Voronež Russia 955,674
85 Málaga Spain 930,806
86 Oslo Norway Yes 900,017
87 Bristol United Kingdom 894,915
88 Catania Italy 872,180
89 Firenze Italy 870,770
90 Gdansk Poland 865,799
91 Krasnodar Russia 853,284
92 Leicester United Kingdom 830,269
93 Nantes France 826,349
94 Göteborg Sweden 814,553
95 Kraków Poland 799,524
96 Riga Latvia 786,506
97 Zaporizhzhya Ukraine Yes 784,572
98 Cardiff United Kingdom 752,663
99 Belfast United Kingdom 736,094
100 L'viv Ukraine Yes 735,337
Global Issues
Population Growth

Our population is growing at a massive rate, and it looks set to continue, which will bring a whole host of new problems, while making some current issues much harder to deal with. Particularly important issues include finding better ways to utilse the land at our disposal, creating better living conditions for many, and working out what to do with waste

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One of the main reasons behind the World's massive population spurt of the past century, is our advancements in healthcare. By the standards of only 100 years ago, with the help of medicines and treatments, we are now prolonging life to unimaginable average lengths, and we have now really begun to take control of our body's systems

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[1] We have indicated 'Yes' when a City population is exactly the same as a Metropolitan Area population. If we have not indicated 'Yes', than those figures are for a Greater Metropolitan Area which includes atleast one city/town and adjoining population centres. For example, Baghdad Greater Metropolitan Area is considered the 27th most populous metropolitan area in the World with 11,786,212 residents, while Baghdad City is considered the 67th most populous metropolitan area in the World because only 5,402,486 live within the 'city limits'.
[2] "Europe: most populous metropolitan areas" World Gazetteer - All statistics © Stefan Helders, www.world-gazetteer.com. Stefan Helders has been independently collating data relating to population statistics since 1998 on what is now known as the World Gazetteer website. According to Helders... "If possible, official data sources are used. In many cases however no official figures are available. In that case, secondary sources such as year books, encyclopediae, atlases etc. are used. I have also received data from other stats lovers". Along with another useful population statistics website called CityPopulation.de, Stefan Helders/World Gazetteer provides some of the most accurate and up-to-date analysis of population levels in the World's countries, cities and metropolitan areas.
Article Copyright
The population statistics within this article are copyrighted to Stefan Helders @ www.world-gazetteer.com, a project which should be regarded as a free data provider. These statistics can be re-published for commercial or non-commerical purposes, provided that (a) the data is not changed, and (b) this exact copyright notice is included: © by Stefan Helders www.world-gazetteer.com.

This license only covers the text content of this article, however, if you would like to re-publish the main accompanying image - titled 'Ariel view of the Kremlin in Moscow' - you may only re-publish that image under the exact same license/conditions as we have stipulated below that image.

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