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Countries With The Most Newspaper Journalists In North America (per 1m)
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Countries With The Most Journalists In N. America (per 1m)
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Within this chart, countries are listed by the amount of Newspaper Journalists which are based in each respective nation. The figures quoted below represent the amount of journalists per 1 million inhabitants. This chart is entirely based on United Nations UNdata statistics, and they originally come from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS). This list is very limited, as UNESCO only has the necessary figures available for 70 global nations.
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Data released by UNdata (United Nations) - July.08.2009 - Next data release unconfirmed, possibly late 2010
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Countries With The Most Newspaper Journalists In North America (per 1 million inhabitants)
Country Year [1] Journalists per 1m [2]
1 Cayman Islands 2004 587.7
2 Bermuda 2004 537.0
3 Cuba 2005 304.2
4 United States 2005 180.5
5 Canada 2004 156.5
6 Saint Vincent & Grenadines 2005 134.3
7 Saint Lucia 2004 125.5
8 Costa Rica 2003 48.6
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[1] The year quoted above for each respective country, is the latest year which the UNdata statistics database had figures on record, for each respective country. last retrieved by on June.06.2010
[2] The statistics quoted above are taken from the UNdata statistics database. UNdata quotes the original sources as being 'The UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS)'. UNdata is a statistical service provided by the United Nations. All data is available free of charge and may be copied freely, duplicated and further distributed, provided that UNdata is cited as the reference. The full UNdata re-publishing policy is here. This complete dataset was last updated by UNdata on July.08.2009 & last retrieved by on June.06.2010

Article Copyright Creative Commons License
This work by (Data Source: UNdata) is hereby licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Basically, you can re-use part of it, or all of it, for commercial and non-commercial uses, provided that you (1) release it under the same license, (2) attribute as the original author, and (3) attribute the original source of the data as UNdata.

This license covers text only, however, the main image - titled 'White House press conference' - is a public domain picture, which was edited by, and is hereby re-released into the public domain by

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