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The Most Populous Cities In The World
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Top 100 Most Populous Cities In The World 2010
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This is a list of the most heavily populated cities in the World, as opposed to the most populous metropolitan or urban areas. This list includes 2010 population estimates for all of those who are defined as living within the 'city limits', or 'city boundary', and are based on a mixture of official and independent sources.
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Data released by World Gazetteer - January.01.2010 - Next data release 2011 (unknown date)
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Top 100 Most Populous Cities In The World 2010
City Country Continent(s) 2010 Calculation [1]
1 Shanghai China Asia 16,348,947
2 Bombay India Asia 13,830,884
3 Karachi Pakistan Asia 13,205,339
4 Buenos Aires Argentina South America 13,080,026
5 Delhi India Asia 12,565,901
6 Istanbul Turkey Asia / Europe 12,175,592
7 Manila Philippines Asia 11,248,470
8 Dhaka Bangladesh Asia 10,861,172
9 Moscow Russia Europe 10,509,592
10 Sao Paulo Brazil South America 10,381,400
11 Lagos Nigeria Africa 9,968,455
12 Seoul South Korea Asia 9,567,665
13 Kinshasa DR Congo Africa 8,900,721
14 Tokyo Japan Asia 8,762,073
15 Mexico City Mexico North America 8,560,994
16 New York United States North America 8,459,026
17 Jakarta Indonesia Asia 8,431,302
18 Tehran Iran Asia 8,429,807
19 Cairo Egypt Africa 8,105,071
20 Lima Peru South America 8,000,111
21 Peking China Asia 7,923,530
22 London United Kingdom Europe 7,744,942
23 Bogota Colombia South America 7,342,569
24 Lahore Pakistan Asia 7,129,609
25 Rio de Janeiro Brazil South America 6,255,971
26 Bangkok Thailand Asia 5,831,835
27 Singapore Singapore Asia 5,560,904
28 Bangalore India Asia 5,438,065
29 Baghdad Iraq Asia 5,402,486
30 Santiago Chile South America 5,196,846
31 Ibadan Nigeria Africa 5,175,223
32 Calcutta India Asia 5,138,208
33 Toronto Canada North America 5,052,522
34 Rangoon Burma Asia 5,032,190
35 Riyadh Saudi Arabia Asia 4,878,473
36 Chongqing China Asia 4,757,368
37 Madras India Asia 4,616,639
38 Xian China Asia 4,587,818
39 Saint Petersburg Russia Europe 4,502,991
40 Alexandria Egypt Africa 4,388,219
41 Wuhan China Asia 4,343,546
42 Abidjan Ivory Coast Africa 4,123,208
43 Ankara Turkey Asia 4,082,184
44 Hyderabad India Asia 4,068,611
45 Ahmadabad India Asia 3,959,432
46 Chengdu China Asia 3,917,204
47 Los Angeles United States North America 3,878,715
48 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Asia 3,871,723
49 Chattagam Bangladesh Asia 3,867,703
50 Sydney Australia Oceania 3,749,902
51 Yokohama Japan Asia 3,704,626
52 Tianjin China Asia 3,649,387
53 Cape Town South Africa Africa 3,648,807
54 Shenyang China Asia 3,559,349
55 Melbourne Australia Oceania 3,551,659
56 Durban South Africa Africa 3,512,243
57 Berlin Germany Europe 3,448,584
58 Pune India Asia 3,446,330
59 Giza Egypt Africa 3,438,401
60 Montreal Canada North America 3,430,917
61 Harbin China Asia 3,405,339
62 Nanjing China Asia 3,389,828
63 Surat India Asia 3,344,135
64 Addis Ababa Ethiopia Africa 3,315,108
65 Pusan South Korea Asia 3,307,449
66 Casablanca Morocco Africa 3,299,179
67 Pyongyang North Korea Asia 3,270,582
68 Nairobi Kenya Africa 3,246,384
69 Jiddah Saudi Arabia Asia 3,232,834
70 Kanpur India Asia 3,221,435
71 Dar es Salaam Tanzania Africa 3,212,040
72 Jaipur India Asia 3,210,570
73 Madrid Spain Europe 3,137,083
74 Guangzhou China Asia 3,097,347
75 Salvador Brazil South America 2,999,725
76 Mosul Iraq Asia 2,882,442
77 Faisalabad Pakistan Asia 2,880,675
78 Chicago United States North America 2,878,948
79 Izmir Turkey Asia 2,815,046
80 Changchun China Asia 2,813,245
81 Taiyuan China Asia 2,809,501
82 Lakhnau India Asia 2,750,447
83 Kiev Ukraine Europe 2,740,312
84 Taipei Taiwan Asia 2,655,972
85 Osaka Japan Asia 2,644,581
86 Luanda Angola Africa 2,644,318
87 Maracaibo Venezuela South America 2,634,251
88 Dakar Senegal Africa 2,583,028
89 Umm Durman Sudan Africa 2,568,590
90 Fortaleza Brazil South America 2,558,558
91 Inchon South Korea Asia 2,554,528
92 Santo Domingo Dominican Republic North America 2,552,398
93 Brasilia Brazil South America 2,551,909
94 Belo Horizonte Brazil South America 2,534,455
95 Mashhad Iran Asia 2,516,467
96 Rome Italy Europe 2,473,972
97 Accra Ghana Africa 2,449,922
98 Nagpur India Asia 2,447,063
99 Khartoum Sudan Africa 2,431,323
100 Shijiazhuang China Asia 2,415,478
Global Issues
Population Growth

Our population is growing at a massive rate, and it looks set to continue, which will bring a whole host of new problems, while making some current issues much harder to deal with. Particularly important issues include finding better ways to utilse the land at our disposal, creating better living conditions for many, and working out what to do with waste

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One of the main reasons behind the World's massive population spurt of the past century, is our advancements in healthcare. By the standards of only 100 years ago, with the help of medicines and treatments, we are now prolonging life to unimaginable average lengths, and we have now really begun to take control of our body's systems

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[1] "World: largest cities and towns and statistics of their population" World Gazetteer - All statistics © Stefan Helders, www.world-gazetteer.com. Stefan Helders has been independently collating data relating to population statistics since 1998 on what is now known as the World Gazetteer website. According to Helders... "If possible, official data sources are used. In many cases however no official figures are available. In that case, secondary sources such as year books, encyclopediae, atlases etc. are used. I have also received data from other stats lovers". Along with another useful population statistics website called CityPopulation.de, Stefan Helders/World Gazetteer provides the most accurate and up-to-date analysis of population levels in the World's cities and metropolitan areas.
Article Copyright
The population statistics within this article are copyrighted to Stefan Helders @ www.world-gazetteer.com, a project which should be regarded as a free data provider. These statistics can be re-published for commercial or non-commerical purposes, provided that (a) the data is not changed, and (b) this exact copyright notice is included: © by Stefan Helders www.world-gazetteer.com.

This license only covers the text content of this article, however, if you would like to re-publish the main accompanying image - titled 'Shanghai City at night' - you may only re-publish that image under the exact same license/conditions as we have stipulated below that image.

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