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The Most Populous Metropolitan Areas In The World
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Top 100 Most Populous Metropolitan Areas In The World
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This is a list of the most heavily populated metropolitan areas in the World, and it includes the 2010 population estimates, which are based on a mixture of official and independent sources. Some of the metropolitan areas listed below are also cities proper, but many others are groupings of cities, towns and urban areas.
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Data released by World Gazetteer - January.01.2010 - Next data release 2011 (unknown date)
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Basic definition of a 'Metropolitan Area' according to Wikipedia:
A metropolitan area is a large population center consisting of a large metropolis and its adjacent zone of influence, or of more than one closely adjoining neighboring central cities and their zone of influence. One or more large cities may serve as its hub or hubs, and the metropolitan area is normally named after either the largest or most important central city within it.
Top 100 Most Populous Metropolitan Areas In The World
  Metro Area Country Continent(s) City
Only [1]
Calculation [2]
1 Tokyo Japan Asia   37,730,064
2 México City Mexico North America   23,610,441
3 New York United States North America   23,313,036
4 Seoul South Korea Asia   22,692,652
5 Mumbai India Asia   21,900,967
6 São Paulo Brazil South America   20,831,058
7 Manila Philippines Asia   20,654,307
8 Jakarta Indonesia Asia   19,231,919
9 Dilli India Asia   18,916,890
10 Shanghai China Asia   18,572,816
11 Los Angeles United States North America   18,013,728
12 Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto Japan Asia   17,409,585
13 Cairo Egypt Africa   16,429,199
14 Kolkata India Asia   15,644,040
15 Moscow Russia Europe   14,926,656
16 Buenos Aires Argentina South America   14,598,065
17 Istanbul Turkey Asia / Europe   14,350,423
18 Dhaka Bangladesh Asia   14,327,157
19 Lagos Nigeria Africa   13,721,625
20 London United Kingdom Europe   13,377,482
21 Tehran Iran Asia   13,236,489
22 Karāchi Pakistan Asia Yes 13,205,339
23 Beijing China Asia   12,522,839
24 Rio de Janeiro Brazil South America   12,128,429
25 Paris France Europe   11,949,824
26 Rhein-Ruhr Germany Europe   11,857,353
27 Baghdad Iraq Asia   11,786,212
28 Kinshasa-Brazzaville DR Congo Africa   10,346,029
29 Bangkok Thailand Asia   10,132,974
30 Khartoum Sudan Africa   10,082,702
31 Lagos Nigeria Africa Yes 9,968,455
32 Chicago United States North America   9,610,649
33 Xianggang China Asia   9,222,709
34 Nagoya Japan Asia   8,852,544
35 Taipei Taiwan Asia   8,511,055
36 Bogotá Colombia South America   8,423,837
37 Washington-Baltimore United States North America   8,400,990
38 Johannesburg South Africa Africa   8,153,161
39 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Asia   8,063,230
40 Lima Peru South America Yes 8,000,111
41 Chongqing China Asia   7,784,922
42 San Francisco United States North America   7,718,447
43 Chennai India Asia   7,413,779
44 Lahore Pakistan Asia Yes 7,129,609
45 Algiers Algeria Africa   6,727,806
46 Bandung Indonesia Asia   6,724,301
47 Dallas United States North America   6,687,571
48 Shenyang China Asia   6,618,933
49 Randstad Netherlands Europe   6,608,054
50 Bangalore India Asia   6,562,408
51 Toronto Canada North America   6,515,381
52 Tianjin China Asia   6,426,104
53 Hyderabad India Asia   6,383,850
54 Madrid Spain Europe   6,380,913
55 Philadelphia United States North America   6,292,639
56 Boston United States North America   6,238,132
57 Abidjan Ivory Coast Africa   6,169,102
58 Singapore-Johor Bahru Malaysia Asia   5,998,943
59 Houston United States North America   5,800,255
60 Detroit-Windsor United States North America   5,760,344
61 Guangzhou China Asia   5,745,024
62 Belo Horizonte Brazil South America   5,731,826
63 Pune India Asia   5,518,688
64 Atlanta United States North America   5,495,123
65 Ibadan Nigeria Africa   5,432,941
66 Ahmedabad India Asia   5,413,622
67 Baghdad Iraq Asia Yes 5,402,486
68 Ho Chi Ming Vietnam Asia   5,381,158
69 Manchester-Liverpool United Kingdom Europe   5,306,491
70 Xian China Asia   5,274,876
71 Santiago Chile South America Yes 5,196,846
72 Ibadan Nigeria Africa Yes 5,175,223
73 Miami United States North America   5,136,602
74 San Diego-Tijuana United States North America   5,105,769
75 Cape Town South Africa Africa   5,083,934
76 Berlin Germany Europe   5,076,511
77 Hangzhou China Asia   5,070,992
78 Rangoon Burma Asia Yes 5,032,190
79 Barcelona Spain Europe   4,992,778
80 Harbin China Asia   4,948,659
81 Riyadh Saudi Arabia Asia Yes 4,878,473
82 Luanda Angola Africa   4,812,959
83 Saint Petersburg Russia Europe   4,775,419
84 Shantou China Asia   4,774,432
85 Wuhan China Asia   4,731,497
86 Chengdu China Asia   4,662,889
87 Kano Nigeria Africa   4,617,020
88 Alexandria Egypt Africa   4,594,360
89 Phoenix United States North America   4,487,014
90 Caracas Venezuela South America   4,478,851
91 Nanjing China Asia   4,414,556
92 Medan Indonesia Asia   4,406,871
93 Pusan South Korea Asia   4,399,515
94 Basra Iraq Asia   4,393,925
95 Milan Italy Europe   4,373,992
96 Fukuoka-Kitakyushu Japan Asia   4,293,873
97 Accra Ghana Africa   4,284,725
98 Guadalajara Mexico North America   4,260,864
99 Nairobi Kenya Africa   4,240,249
100 Rhein-Main Germany Europe   4,165,392
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[1] We have indicated 'Yes' when a City population is exactly the same as a Metropolitan Area population. If we have not indicated 'Yes', than those figures are for a Greater Metropolitan Area which includes atleast one city/town and adjoining population centres. For example, Baghdad Greater Metropolitan Area is considered the 27th most populous metropolitan area in the World with 11,786,212 residents, while Baghdad City is considered the 67th most populous metropolitan area in the World because only 5,402,486 live within the 'city limits'.
[2] "World: most populous metropolitan areas" World Gazetteer - All statistics © Stefan Helders, Stefan Helders has been independently collating data relating to population statistics since 1998 on what is now known as the World Gazetteer website. According to Helders... "If possible, official data sources are used. In many cases however no official figures are available. In that case, secondary sources such as year books, encyclopediae, atlases etc. are used. I have also received data from other stats lovers". Along with another useful population statistics website called, Stefan Helders/World Gazetteer provides some of the most accurate and up-to-date analysis of population levels in the World's countries, cities and metropolitan areas.
Article Copyright
The population statistics within this article are copyrighted to Stefan Helders @, a project which should be regarded as a free data provider. These statistics can be re-published for commercial or non-commerical purposes, provided that (a) the data is not changed, and (b) this exact copyright notice is included: © by Stefan Helders

This license only covers the text content of this article, however, if you would like to re-publish the main accompanying image - titled 'Akihabara, in the East of the Tokyo metropolis' - you may only re-publish that image under the exact same license/conditions as we have stipulated below that image.

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