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Global Countries With Nuclear Weapons Stockpiles
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2010 Data Release: What's Different?
World Countries With Nuclear Weapons Stockpiles
World Countries Which Borrow Nuclear Weapons
What Is Nuclear Sharing?
Deployment Of Nuclear Weapons In The World
Previous Nuclear Powers In The World
Global Nuclear Map
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WMD & Nuclear Weapons Video
Whilst the World's overall nuclear arsenal is held by a handful of states, the vast majority of those bombs have always been held by Russia and the United States alone. Between them, they have 20 times as many nuclear weapons, as the rest of the World, combined. They could both easily destroy the entire planet - in a matter of seconds - many times over. The US also loans nuclear weapons to a few 'friendly' European nations.
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Data released by the Federation of American Scientists - May.26.2010 - Next data release unconfirmed
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2010 Global Data Release: What's Different?

The size of Russia's arsenal has dropped by 1,000 warheads, from a total of 13,000 last year, but this drop is slightly deceiving when you consider that it's 'operational warheads' total only dropped by 68. The United States is going in the opposite direction, with 200 new warheads added to it's total of 9,400 last year. Otherwise, there does not appear to be any other changes, apart from the third obvious one; the United Kingdom have also grown their arsenal, by 40 warheads, to 225 in total. It appears that western powers are moving away from any form of a speedy disarmament.

World Countries With Nuclear Weapons Stockpiles
Country Continent(s) First tests Operational Warheads [1] Total Warheads [1]
Russia Asia / Europe 1949 4,650 12,000
United States North America 1945 2,468 9,600
France Europe 1960 ~300 300
China Asia 1964 ~180 240
United Kingdom Europe 1952 <160 225
Israel Asia 1979* unknown 80
Pakistan Asia 1998 unknown 70-90
India Asia 1974 unknown 60-80
North Korea Asia 2006* unknown <10
World ~7,700 ~22,600
World Countries Which Borrow Nuclear Weapons From Other Countries
Country Current Weapons [2] Continent(s) Borrowed From  
Germany 10-20 Europe United States NATO-backed 'Nuclear Sharing' deal
Italy 70-90 Europe United States NATO-backed 'Nuclear Sharing' deal
Belgium 10-20 Europe United States NATO-backed 'Nuclear Sharing' deal
Netherlands 10-20 Europe United States NATO-backed 'Nuclear Sharing' deal
Turkey 50 Asia / Europe United States NATO-backed 'Nuclear Sharing' deal
Canada   North America United States NATO-backed 'Nuclear Sharing' deal until 1984
Greece   Europe United States NATO-backed 'Nuclear Sharing' deal until 2001
What Is Nuclear Sharing?

Nuclear sharing is dressed up as a 'nuclear deterrence' by the US and NATO, but it only acts to roll out these weapons to more parts of the World, therefore making the existence of the current nuclear powers' own stockpiles, much more acceptable to the public at large. Of the three NATO nuclear powers (United Kingdom, France, United States), only the US has loaned out weapons to other countries, and they have even previously loaned out added ballistic weapons to the UK, up until the early 90's, even though they were a nuclear power in their own right, with their own extensive arsenal of the weapons.

The Federation of American Scientists estimates that between 150 and 200 borrowed nuclear warheads are currently being stored in Europe, and they are all loaned by the United States, to European nations, through a NATO-approved 'Nuclear Sharing' scheme, bringing the continents overall total to around 500. The loaned warheads are all kept under guard by United States troops at American military bases in Europe, and during peacetime, only the US military holds the security codes to set off these missiles. According to the respective Nuclear Sharing deals, in the event of a war, it is anticipated that the US military would load the missiles onto military planes which belong to the participating country, and arm them.

Opposition to Nuclear Sharing has come from within NATO itself, and from the Non-Aligned Movement - an association of 118 global countries, who consider themselves to be non-aligned, and not against, any of the current major global power blocs (EU, US, Russia). Many people believe that this policy of Nuclear Sharing violates the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which prohibits the transfer of nuclear weapons, but the United States refutes this by saying that the weapons will only be transferred in the event of a war breaking out.

Deployment Of Nuclear Weapons In The World
Country Continent(s) Military Bases With Active Nuclear Weapons [3]
Russia Asia / Europe 48
United States North America 15
China Asia 8-14
Pakistan Asia 8
France Europe 7
India Asia 5
Israel Asia 4
United Kingdom Europe 4
Italy Europe 2
Belgium Europe 1
Germany Europe 1
Netherlands Europe 1
Turkey Asia / Europe 1
Previous Nuclear Powers In The World
Country Continent(s) Info
South Africa Africa Produced 6 nuclear bombs in the 1980's, but disassembled them in the early 1990's
Kazakhstan Asia / Europe Inherited 1,400 nuclear weapons from the Soviet Union, and transferred them all to Russia by 1995
Belarus Europe Inherited 81 nuclear weapons from the Soviet Union, and transferred all of them to Russia by 1996
Ukraine Europe Inherited 5,000 nuclear weapons from the Soviet Union, and transferred them all to Russia by 1996
*note - Many more states have had nuclear weapons based on their territories in the past, by foreign powers, which have since been removed. Only countries mentioned above have given up their own personal nuclear arsenals voluntarily.
Global Nuclear Map
Map showing the nuclear situation around the World
Map showing the nuclear situation around the World image: Public Domain
Global Issues
Nuclear Weapons

There are currently nine nations which hold operational nuclear warheads (United States, Russia, France, China, United Kingdom, Israel, Pakistan, India, North Korea), and the United States also loans them out to Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Turkey, through a NATO-approved 'Nuclear Sharing' scheme

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Depleted Uranium (DU)

Depleted Uranium is a by-product which is produced when we make fuel for nuclear power reactors, and also when we make nuclear bombs. There is no safe way to dispose of this waste product, so we generally store it underwater or underground in containers. Western forces have also dropped a whole lot of DU over Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans

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We still do not have a clear picture as to how badly we have already polluted the World. With a growing awareness of corporations being much more interested in profit, than in our environment or health, we must get an overall picture, and we must also find a 100% safe way of storing our most harmful types of waste

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Nuclear Energy

The latest figures from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) tells us that around 13-14% of the World's energy was produced by nuclear plants during 2009, continuing the slight downward trend on production of nuclear power (as a % of total energy production). In total 28 nations produce nuclear energy, and 16 have plants under construction

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[1] "Status of World Nuclear Forces 2010" Federation of American Scientists (FAS) - All numbers are estimates and further described in the Nuclear Notebook in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, and the nuclear appendix in the SIPRI Yearbook. Additional reports are published on the FAS Strategic Security Blog. Unlike those publications, this table is updated continuously as new information becomes available - Current FAS update: May.26.2010 - last retrieved by BlatantWorld.com on August.28.2010
[2] "Status of U.S. Nuclear Weapons in Europe 2010" PDF File - Figures/Research by Hans M. Kristensen, Federation of American Scientists, 2010.
[3] "Estimated Worldwide Locations of Nuclear Weapons, 2009" PDF File - Figures/Research by Robert S. Norris & Hans M. Kristensen, from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.
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(1) Purpose & Character of Use: To educate our visitors about the total number of nuclear weapons which exist around the World, and about the countries that have them. This information is provided for non-profit educational purposes only.
(2) Nature of Copyrighted Work: Status of World Nuclear Forces 2010 by Hans M. Kristensen, the Federation of American Scientists
(3) Portion Used: The entire chart is used, although only two of the four original columns are featured.
(2) Nature of Copyrighted Work: Status of U.S. Nuclear Weapons in Europe 2010 by Hans M. Kristensen, Federation of American Scientists
(3) Portion Used: A very small portion of the overall report is used. We have used one out of six columns
(2) Nature of Copyrighted Work: Nuclear Notebook: Worldwide deployments of nuclear weapons, 2009 by Robert S. Norris & Hans M. Kristensen, from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.
(3) Portion Used: We have used just the total numbers of national bases listed, and totalled them up on this page.
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