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Rising Rural Poverty The New Rulers Of The World Flying The Flag, Arming The World
John Pilger - The War You Don't See [Trailer: Out Dec 12th] Stealing A Nation - UK's Treatment Of Chagos Islanders Zeitgeist - Moving Forward [Trailer: Out Jan 2011]
Palestine Is Still The Issue Paying The Price - Killing The Children Of Iraq [UN Sanctions] Burp! Pepsi vs Coke In The Ice Cold War
AIPAC: The Voice Of America BBC Panorama Bias: Gaza Freedom Flotilla Double Vendetta - The Insanity Of The Iran Stand-Off
Chuck Feeney - Billionaire, Who Gave It All Away Aftermath: The Remnants Of War Inside Story: The Gaza Flotilla Explained
The Road To Guantanamo War Made Easy People & Power - Various Episodes
Money As Debt - Detailing The Creation Of Money Cosmic Journeys - Entire Series Rethink Afghanistan
Doctor, Depleted Uranium & The Dying Children 911 In Plane Sight - Media Reporting On The Day How To Kill A Human Being
Al-Jazeera Documentary Shows Zeitgeist - The Movie Killing Fields: Feeding Euro Factory Farms From S. America
Multiple Hopes For Multiple Sclerosis Analysis Of Wikileaks 'Collateral Murder' Video Einstein's Equation of Life and Death (E=mc²)
The Living Dead [WWII, The Cold War & Falklands War] Global Dimming AIDS Inc.
A Burning Question - Climate Change Earthlings - Our Dependence On Animals Who Killed The Electric Car?
The Forgotten Prisoners (3 Jailed Hikers In Iran) Wild Child: The Story of Feral Children Waste=Food
Einstein's Unfinished Symphony The Evolution Of Flight Animals Living With Asperger's Syndrome
Do You Want To Live Forever? The World According To Monsanto Nuclear Fusion: The Star In The Jar
Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World Michael Moore - Capitalism: A Love Story Zeitgeist - Addendum
Richard Dawkins: The Root Of All Evil? The Corporation Heroin: The Next Generation
Super Rich: The Greed Game (The Credit Crisis?) Aerosol Crimes (aka Chemtrails) - 1st Edition Multiple Personality Disorder
Fabled Enemies Global Warming Doomsday Called Off The Spartans
Bill Maher - Religulous The History Of Hacking Guardians Of The Oceans
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Recognised Countries
Overseas Dependencies
Disputed Territories
Trans-Continental Countries
Largest Countries
Major Tectonic Plates
Largest Continents
Largest Oceans
Largest Lakes
Highest Mountains
Longest Rivers
Most Forested Countries
Most De-Forested Countries
Most Re-Forested Countries
World Population 1950-2050
Continental Pop. 1950-2050
Regional Population 1950-2050
Most Populous Continents
Most Populous Continents 2015
Most Populous Continents 2020
Most Populous Continents 2050
Most Populous Regions
Most Populous Regions 2015
Most Populous Regions 2020
Most Populous Regions 2050
Most Populous Countries
Most Populous Countries 2015
Most Populous Countries 2020
Most Populous Countries 2050
Most Populous Cities
Most Populous Metro Areas
HIV Statistics
Female Genital Mutilation
Civil & Human Rights
Stateless Persons
Most Refugees (by origin)
Most Refugees (by asylum)
Most Returned Refugees
Internally Displaced Persons
IDP's - Extra Facts & Figures
Most Pending Asylum-Seekers
Least Peaceful Countries
Most Corrupt Countries
Nobel Peace Prize Laureates
United Nations (UN)
United Nations Member States
Universal Dec. Of Human Rights
Current Peacekeeping Missions
Largest Peacekeeping Forces
Most Expensive Peacekeeping
Most Nuclear Power Reactors
Global Nuclear Reactors, by age
Most Expensive Military's
Military Expenditure (% GDP)
Regional Military Expenditure
Major Armed Conflicts
Multilateral Arms Embargoes
Largest Arms-Supplying Nations
Largest Arms-Producing Corp's
Nuclear Weapons Stockpiles
Depleted Uranium Stockpiles
Media & Communications
Least Free National Press
Newspaper Journalists (per 1m)
Most Internet Users (overall)
Business & Economics
Highest GDP (by country)
Human Engineering
Tallest Buildings
Friends & Recommended Websites
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• Palestinian Solidarity Campaign
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The Case for Sanctions Against Israel, by Naomi Klein et al [Pre-Order: Out May 2nd 2012]
Capitalism: A Love Story
This Changes Everything: Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement

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