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Full List Of Trans-Continental Countries In The World
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Countries Widely-Considered To Be Trans-Continental
Other Possible Trans-Continental Countries
Trans-Continental Overseas Dependencies
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The following list of countries are widely-considered to be situated on more than a single continent. Often this is due to the nation in question being situated geographically on two different continental plates, but all of these nations may also have economic, political, genetical and historical links to close geographic neighbours which happen to be situated on another continent. Arguments can be made for and against all of these assumptions, so please use this list as a general guide only.
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Global Countries Widely-Considered To Be Trans-Continental

Throughout the rest of this website, we have considered all of these nations as belonging to more than one continent.

Cyprus, Republic of
East Timor
Atyrau, Oral
Northern Cyprus
South Ossetia
Istanbul, Çanakkale
Other Possible Trans-Continental Countries In The World

We have not considered these nations as trans-continental throughout this website.

Dutch overseas dependency which is geographically on the South American plate, but it is most often grouped politically, socially and culturally with it's nearby Central American neighbours. We consider Aruba as a North American territory throughout this website.
The small portion of Egypt to the right of the Suez Canal is geographically part of the Middle East, and on the Asian plate. The remainder - the majority of Egypt - is situated on the African continental shelf. Throughout this website, we consider Egypt as an African nation.
The Italian island of Pantelleria, and the Pelagie Islands, are on the African shelf, and are geographically closet to the Tunisian coast, but are administered as part of Italy. Sicily is on the edge of the African plate. The remainder of Italy is in Europe, including it's other Mediterranean islands, and we consider it fully European.
Almost all of Japan is geographically situated on the Asian plate, including the majority of it's major and minor islands, although the remote and uninhabited Minami Torishima island is situated in Oceania. We consider Japan as a fully Asian country throughout this website.
The independent island nation of Malta is located on the very edge of the African tectonic plate, but is usually considered as part of Europe in a geographical, political, historical and economical sense. We consider Malta as a fully European country throughout this website.
Netherlands Antilles
The many islands within the island nation, the Netherlands Antilles, are split between the North and South American shelf's. The Dutch foreign dependency is generally considered culturally closest to it's Central American neighbours, so we consider it as a North American nation.
Panama lies almost entirely on the Caribbean Plate, with a small portion on the South American Plate. Usually considered as North American, some prefer to describe the lands to the South-East of the Panama Canal as South American. We consider Panama North American.
Papua New Guinea
The entire island of New Guinea - including the nation of Papua New Guinea on the western side of the island - lies on the border of Asia and Oceania. Papua New Guinea is actively seeking to become closer politically/economically with local Asian nations, but we have considered it to be geographically Oceanian.
The Philippines sits right within the Mariana Trench, which officially spans the borders of Oceania and Asia. Whilst some Filipinos consider themselves as Pacific islanders, the country is generally thought of as a 100% Asian nation, as we have done throughout this website.
Whilst the majority of Portuguese territory is situated in Europe, with some African overseas dependencies, the Azores Autonomous Region is actually a group of islands which are situated on the North American plate, 900 miles from Europe and 2,400 miles from North America. We consider Portugal entirely European.
Trinidad & Tobago
The island nation of Trinidad & Tobago is geographically located on the South American shelf, but it is generally geopolitically linked with other Caribbean nations, as being North American. We consider Trinidad & Tobago as being a wholly North American nation.
United States
The United States of America is primarily situated on the North American continent mainland, with some overseas territories in Oceania. However, there are also some Alaskan islands which are situated fully on the Asian plate. We consider the United States as being a wholly North American nation.
Venezuela is situated mostly on the South American continent mainland, but it also has a number of island dependencies on the North American plate, the most prominent of which is Isla Alves, a Federal dependency of Caracas. We consider Venezuela as being a wholly South American nation.
Yemen controls Hanish Islands (located in the Red Sea) and the island of Socotra, both of which are just on the African continental shelf. However they are situated close to the Yemeni coast and are administered as part of Yemen. We consider Yemen an Asian nation.
Global Trans-Continental Overseas Dependencies

We have not considered these nations as trans-continental throughout this website.

United Kingdom
United States
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