CARTOON: #Women2Drive Poster – Gender Rights in Saudi Arabia

#Women2Drive Poster - Protest for Gender Rights in Saudi Arabia (Cartoon by Carlos Latuff)

A cartoon poster which was used by some people – inside and outside of Saudi Arabia – to highlight the 2011 #Women2Drive protest within Saudi Arabia, which promotes the right of women to drive. In 2011 the Saudi regime announced plans to ‘allow’ women – 50% of the country’s population – the right to vote/stand in their elections, but only from 2015, and the right to drive a vehicle still remains out of the question.

Elections in Saudi Arabia are generally redundant, because over half of the parliament are chosen by the Royal family, so no opposition group could ever gain control of the parliament through democratic means. Well, that’s if opposition party’s were actually legal in the monarchy/dictatorship. No political parties are allowed in Saudi Arabia, and the King is the only person who holds the power to pass/enforce laws.

Originally sourced from: Wikipedia Commons

Copyright status: Public Domain

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