Location: Africa

Africa Investigates – Nigeria’s Fake Doctors

This Al-Jazeera investigation is quite eye-opening. Nigeria, a country that is bringing in serious money whilst selling natural resources, including oil, has

Western Sahara/SADR – Territorial Dispute

Western Sahara (Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic – often called SADR) – Claims independence, but Morocco also claims full sovereignty, and continues to

Cabinda – Territorial Dispute

Republic of Cabinda – When this part of Africa was decolonised in the 1960’s, Cabinda was assimilated into greater Angola, even though

Somaliland – Territorial Dispute

Somaliland (Republic of Somaliland) – Claims independence since the 1991 collapse of the central government in Somalia, but Somalia also claims sovereignty.

Mayotte – Territorial Dispute

Mayotte (Departmental Collectivity of Mayotte) – Mayotte is an overseas collectivity of France, with two main islands, and many smaller islets around

Fatou Jaw Manneh – The Gambia’s Silenced Dissent

Gambian born journalist Fatou Jaw Manneh bemoans the state of affairs in her beloved Gambia; once a peaceful country, for the past

People & Power – Health Effects of Tunisia’s Phosphate Mines

The damaging health effects of Tunisia’s phosphate mines on workers who hoped the Arab Spring would bring change.

The Most Deadly Earthquakes in Africa – since 1900

All of the quakes that are believed to have killed 1,000+ people in Africa, since 1900, have occurred on the northern limits

3D IMAGE: Gibralter & Cueta, disputed by Spain & Morocco

A 3D topography perspective of The Straits of Gibraltar, created by NASA in 2003, depicting Gibraltar which is controlled by the UK

INFOGRAPHIC: The Battle for Libya’s Oil – Africa’s Largest Reserve

According to Al-Jazeera: Oil is the lifeblood of the Libyan economy. Prior to the 2011 revolution that toppled Muammar Gaddafi, Libya produced

INFOGRAPHIC: 99% of Egyptian Women Subjected to Sexual Harassment

99% of Egyptian women have been subjected to sexual harassment at home, in work or in the streets, including mob attacks and

Places That Don’t Exist – Somaliland (Episode 1/5)

In the north of Somalia – one of the poorest and most dangerous countries in the world – is Somaliland, a stable

The Caprivi Strip – Territorial Dispute

The Caprivi Strip, or simply ‘Caprivi’ as it is also known, was one of those regions that got devoured by Europeans during

Overseas Territories in Africa

Considering it’s colonisation by European powers during the past couple of centuries, it may be quite surprising to some to see such

Trans-Continental Cities in Africa

There are three African cities that could claim to be transcontinental cities, and all of them are situated in Egypt. Furthermore, all