Location: Europe

Siegmar Faust – Repression by the Stasi in East Germany

German writer and former political prisoner Siegmar Faust gives a horrifying account of life in East Germany under the omnipresent State Security

Lidia Yusupova – Working as a Journalist and Lawyer in Chechnya

Lidia Yusupova shares her harrowing experiences working as a journalist and a lawyer in Chechnya. She recounts the horrors she witnessed during

UN Permanent Observer Organisations in Europe

This is a list of all Intergovernmental organizations and other entity’s that currently have permanent offices at the United Nations (UN) headquarters,

United Nations Non-Member Observer States in Europe

This is a list of all non-member nations/countries situated in Europe which currently have permanent offices at the United Nations (UN) headquarters.

European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights

This charter aims to give political, social and economic rights, to all citizens of the European Union, and could be viewed as

Analysis of BBC Radio 4 Interview with Israeli Defence Minister

BBC News reaches 81% of the UK every week via tv, radio and online articles. That is a huge number of people

Robert Newman – A History Of Oil

Robert Newman gets to grips with the wars and politics of the last hundred years – but rather than adhering to the

The Last Dream (Ep.1/3) Hereos Unsung – UK Steals Aboriginal Land

John Pilger and Alan Lowery, as part of a three episode series, investigate how the Aborigines had their land stolen by British

Welcome To Riace – Italian Town Welcomes Immigrants

In the sleepy town of Riace, immigrants make up a quarter of the population. Mayor Domenico Lucanos believes that helping them will

Who Killed Litvinenko? – The Polonium Mystery

“At the beginning of the year, Lugavoi started coming regularly to London”, states KGB defector Oleg Gordievsky. “He was obviously cultivating him”.

Fair Trials International – The European Arrest Warrant Victims

Since the introduction of the European Arrest Warrant, Fair Trials International has supported many victims of the misuse and overuse of the

Inside Story: Is an Independent Kurdish State Possible?

Denied self-rule after the First World War, Kurds are the largest ethnic group in the world without their own state. Could a

Does Germany Owe Greece Reparations from Nazi Occupation?

Can war crimes ever be confined to history? Greece is demanding reparations from Germany for the Nazi occupation during World War Two,

Bitter Lake (2015) – The Latest Adam Curtis Documentary

This is the latest Adam Curtis documentary, by the incredibly original and insightful British filmmaker, who tends to deal with the psychology

25 Million Pounds – Nick Leeson and the Barings Bank Collapse

Adam Curtis’ excellent film about Nick Leeson and the Barings Bank collapse exposes some of the problems with banking quite some time