Location: Europe

Hatay (Alexandretta) – Territorial Dispute

Hatay (Hatay Province/Alexandretta) – Hatay is a Turkish province, in the far south of the country, bordering Syria. It is claimed and

Faroe Islands – Territorial Dispute

Faroe Islands – The North Atlantic island group, the Faroe Islands, has been an autonomous province of Denmark since 1948. A local

Transnistria (Pridnestrovie) – Territorial Dispute

Transnistria (Transnistrian Moldovan Republic) / Pridnestrovie (Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic/PMR) – Claims independence since 1990, but Moldova also claims full sovereignty, and describes

Rockall – Territorial Dispute

Rockall – Iceland, the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom have all submitted claims of ownership to the United Nations Convention

Kosovo – Territorial Dispute

Kosovo (Republic of Kosovo) – Claims independence, but Serbia also claims sovereignty. The Republic of Kosovo also claims sovereignty over the United

Gibraltar – Territorial Dispute

Gibraltar (a British Overseas Territory) – Gibraltar is a small island off the coast of North Africa, just below Iberia, which was

Abkhazia – Territorial Dispute

Abkhazia (Republic of Abkhazia) – Claims independence, but Georgia also claims sovereignty of Abkhazia as an autonomous region. When Georgia was seeking

Northern Ireland – Territorial Dispute

Since the 1100’s, parts of Ireland, or the island in full, has been controlled by Britain to some degree, and this long-term

Pussy Riot – Russian Prison Conditions and Authoritarianism

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina, members of the Russian feminist punk rock collective Pussy Riot, talk candidly with the Daily Beast’s Michael

Inside Story – Greece Bailout Deal: Backtracking on Promises?

According to Al-Jazeera… “Athens claims success in comprise reached with creditors that would end austerity, but required reforms could be costly”. This

The Most Deadly Earthquakes in Europe – since 1900

Just over a hundred years ago a 7.2 magnitude earthquake devestated parts of Southern Italy, including Sicily, killing an estimated 72,000 people.

3D IMAGE: Gibralter & Cueta, disputed by Spain & Morocco

A 3D topography perspective of The Straits of Gibraltar, created by NASA in 2003, depicting Gibraltar which is controlled by the UK

The Balkans: Europe’s Immigration Back Door via Serbia/Hungary

Serbia has become a popular location for asylum seekers beginning their journey into Western Europe. This report reveals the dangers facing those

Dark Forest in the Mountains: Nagorno-Karabakh War, 1994

In the early 1990’s, as the Soviet Empire disintegrated, two former Soviet Republics, Armenia and Azerbaijan, squared off against each other over

MAP: 1995 NATO Depleted Uranium Bombing Sites in The Balkans

Map depicting Depleted Uranium Engagement Points in the Balkans, by NATO military, during the period covering the 5th of September to the