Location: Middle East

The Largest Countries in The Middle East

This is a list of the Middle East’s countries, dependencies and nations, listed from the largest to the smallest in km2. It

Trans-Continental Countries in The Middle East

This page includes multiple lists of transcontinental nations and countries in the Middle East. First of all we have the contiguous transcontinental

Syrian Kurdistan (Western Kurdistan) – Territorial Dispute

Syrian Kurdistan (Western Kurdistan) – This part of Kurdistan, also known as Western Kurdistan, encompasses a thin slice at the top of

Palestine – Territorial Dispute

Palestine – Claims independence, and two separate Palestinian governments currently control large parts of the West Bank (the Palestinian National Authority) and

Northern Cyprus (Turkish Cyprus) – Territorial Dispute

Northern Cyprus (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) – Claims independence, but the Republic of Cyprus also claims sovereignty. Only Turkey recognises Northern

Israel – Territorial Dispute

Israel (the State of Israel) – Israel claims sovereignty over all of the land which is now known as Israel, along with

Inside Story: Is Yemen Plunging into Chaos?

Thousands of Yemenis have protested in many cities across Yemen against the government takeover by Shia Houthi rebels as the threat of

Hatay (Alexandretta) – Territorial Dispute

Hatay (Hatay Province/Alexandretta) – Hatay is a Turkish province, in the far south of the country, bordering Syria. It is claimed and

Iranian Kurdistan (Eastern Kurdistan) – Territorial Dispute

Iranian Kurdistan (Eastern Kurdistan) – There are an estimated four million Kurds currently living in Iran – about 7% of Iran’s total

Golan Heights – Territorial Dispute

Golan Heights (Syrian Heights) – Israel claims sovereignty over about two-thirds of the Golan Heights, which it annexed from Syria in 1967,

Iraqi Kurdistan (Southern Kurdistan) – Territorial Dispute

Iraqi Kurdistan (Southern Kurdistan) – The Kurdish Region of Iraq, situated in the north of the country, is also known as Southern

Ali Abdulemam – Breaking Free of Bahrain’s Regime

Bahraini blogger Ali Abdulemam describes the uprising in Bahrain and the current state of freedom of speech in the kingdom. He shares

MAP: Kurdish Cities in The Middle East

This map – of unknown date – depicts major Kurdish cities in the Middle East, spread across the following current nations; Iran,

MAP: Kurdish Areas in Northern Iraq, 2003

Map of Kurdish areas, and Kurdish-controlled areas in Northern Iraq during 2003 – includes the areas controlled by the Kurdistan Democratic Party

MAP: Greater Kurdistan

This is a modern-day map depicting the extent of Greater Kurdistan, sourced from the Foundation-Kurdish Institute of Paris. It features the assumed