Location: Middle East

Ali Abdulemam – Breaking Free of Bahrain’s Regime

Bahraini blogger Ali Abdulemam describes the uprising in Bahrain and the current state of freedom of speech in the kingdom. He shares

MAP: Kurdish Cities in The Middle East

This map – of unknown date – depicts major Kurdish cities in the Middle East, spread across the following current nations; Iran,

MAP: Kurdish Areas in Northern Iraq, 2003

Map of Kurdish areas, and Kurdish-controlled areas in Northern Iraq during 2003 – includes the areas controlled by the Kurdistan Democratic Party

MAP: Greater Kurdistan

This is a modern-day map depicting the extent of Greater Kurdistan, sourced from the Foundation-Kurdish Institute of Paris. It features the assumed

The Most Deadly Earthquakes in The Middle East – since 1900

The most devastating quake in the Middle East since 1900 was a relatively recent incident in the North-West of Iran. The 1990

MAP: Kurdish-Inhabited Areas in the Middle East, 1992

Map of Kurdish-inhabited areas in the Middle East and the Soviet Union. Image from the 1992 CIA World Factbook depicting Kurdish-inhabited areas

MAP: Kurdish-Inhabited Areas in the Middle East & USSR, 1986

Map of Kurdish-inhabited areas in the Middle East and the Soviet Union. Image from the 1986 CIA World Factbook depicting Kurdish-inhabited areas

MAP: Progression of Loss of Palestinian Land (1946-2000)

This map shows the incredible progression of loss of Palestinian Lands, to Israeli Settlers between 1946 and 2000. As you can see,

MAP: West Bank, Gaza Strip and Israeli Settlements, 2007

This map show the intricate web of borders, no-go areas and areas with limited access that is part and parcel of daily

INFOGRAPHIC: 99% of Egyptian Women Subjected to Sexual Harassment

99% of Egyptian women have been subjected to sexual harassment at home, in work or in the streets, including mob attacks and

Kurds Vs ISIS – Kurds Holding the Line in Fight Against ISIS

In the disputed area on the edges of IS-controlled territory are the last outposts of Kurdish resistance to IS. With incredible access

CARTOON: Hunger Strike for Palestinian Prisoners’ Rights

This Carlos Latuff cartoon poster visits one of his most popular subjects, the Palestinian question, and this particular image highlights the #HS4Palestine

CARTOON: #Women2Drive Poster – Gender Rights in Saudi Arabia

A cartoon poster which was used by some people – inside and outside of Saudi Arabia – to highlight the 2011 #Women2Drive

Kurdistan (Greater Kurdistan) – Territorial Dispute

The Kurds are historically an ancient ethnic Persian (Iranian) group of tribes who are currently geographically split mostly between modern-day Iran, Iraq,

The Most Populous Countries in the Middle East 2015

The Middle East is not a 100% defined region, but it is of great importance geo-politically to the rest of the World,