Location: Oceania

Indonesian Military Torturing West Papuans – Secret Filming

*WARNING* This video begins/continues with violent & torture scenes! This is the full edited version of the shocking video depicting the abuse

Benny Wenda – West Papua, Indonesia’s Hidden Colony

West Papuan independence leader and former political prisoner Benny Wenda asserts that colonialism still exists in the 21st century, in the form

The Most Deadly Earthquakes in Oceania – since 1900

All of the quakes that have killed 1,000 or more people in Oceania since 1900 – apart from the 1998 quake incident

Goodbye Indonesia – West Papuan Activists Risk Lives For Freedom

In the face of state repression [from Indonesia, the occupying power] and international indifference West Papuan activists have been locked in a

The Current Situation, by Free West Papua Campaign Founder

Dear friends, brothers and sisters, fellow Papuans, I am writing this statement today to express my concerns over current events within West

FLAG: The (Proposed) Republic of West Papua

Flag of the independence seeking Republic of West Papua, a potential Tribal Democracy making up half of New Guinea island, currently controlled

West Papua – Territorial Dispute

West Papua (Republic of West Papua) – Formerly known as Netherlands New Guinea, after the Dutch colonists pulled out in 1963, it

Wake Island/Atoll – Territorial Dispute

Wake Island (also known as Wake Atoll, part of the United States Minor Outlying Islands), is actually three islands surrounding a lagoon.

Overseas Territories in Oceania

Oceania is a hub of overseas territories, when considering it’s overall population, and this is because of the vast amount of small

The Most Populous Countries in Oceania 2015

Australia is – by far – the most populous nation in Oceania, with over half of the total Oceanian continental population. Out

Utopia – Aboriginal Marginalisation in Australia [TRAILER]

Utopia is a vast region in northern Australia and home to the oldest human presence on earth. “This film is a journey

Stealing A Nation – The UK’s Treatment Of Chagos Islanders

Pilger tells a story literally ‘hidden from history’. In the 1960s and 70s, British governments, conspiring with American officials, tricked into leaving,

Welcome To Australia – The Plight Of The Aborigines

With the run-up to the Sydney Olympics, John Pilger and Alan Lowery take a look at what’s behind the curtain of hype

Oceania Population 1950-2100 (5yr Intervals & % Change)

This chart depicts the estimated population on the Oceanian continent, for every five year point, between 1950 and 2100. Also included is

France To Compensate Victims Of Historic Nuclear Tests

France has finally agreed to pay compensation to the victims of its nuclear tests, the first of which was held in 1960