Location: Oceania

UN Permanent Observer Organisations in Oceania

This is a list of all Intergovernmental organizations and other entity’s that currently have permanent offices at the United Nations (UN) headquarters,

The Last Dream (Ep.3/3) Other People’s Wars – Australia & Conflicts

John Pilger and Alan Lowery, as part of a three episode series, investigate the complicated relationship that Australians have with war. First

The Last Dream (Ep.2/3) Secrets – Racial Inequalities in Australia

John Pilger and Alan Lowery, as part of a three episode series, investigate of the massive racial inequalities within Australian society. First

The Last Dream (Ep.1/3) Hereos Unsung – UK Steals Aboriginal Land

John Pilger and Alan Lowery, as part of a three episode series, investigate how the Aborigines had their land stolen by British

Aboriginal Incarcerations 10 Times the Average Rate in Australia

Indigenous people make up only 2.5% of Australia’s population. Yet 26% of all Australian prisoners are indigenous, as are 40% of all

Corrupt Jobs Game – Maximus Inc. [USA] Deal with Aussie Govt

The US giant Maximus Inc. is a leading player in the business of government welfare to work outsourcing around the world. This

The Largest Countries in Oceania

This is a list of Oceania’s countries, dependencies and nations, listed from the largest to the smallest in km2. It includes all

Trans-Continental Countries in Oceania

This page includes multiple lists of transcontinental nations and countries in Oceania. First of all we have the contiguous transcontinental countries –

South Moluccas (Maluku Islands) – Territorial Dispute

South Moluccas (Republic of the South Moluccas) – The former Dutch colony, the Dutch East Indies, included the Moluccas islands, up until

Indonesian Military Torturing West Papuans – Secret Filming

*WARNING* This video begins/continues with violent & torture scenes! This is the full edited version of the shocking video depicting the abuse

Benny Wenda – West Papua, Indonesia’s Hidden Colony

West Papuan independence leader and former political prisoner Benny Wenda asserts that colonialism still exists in the 21st century, in the form

The Most Deadly Earthquakes in Oceania – since 1900

All of the quakes that have killed 1,000 or more people in Oceania since 1900 – apart from the 1998 quake incident

Goodbye Indonesia – West Papuan Activists Risk Lives For Freedom

In the face of state repression [from Indonesia, the occupying power] and international indifference West Papuan activists have been locked in a

The Current Situation, by Free West Papua Campaign Founder

Dear friends, brothers and sisters, fellow Papuans, I am writing this statement today to express my concerns over current events within West

FLAG: The (Proposed) Republic of West Papua

Flag of the independence seeking Republic of West Papua, a potential Tribal Democracy making up half of New Guinea island, currently controlled