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Bill Hicks – One Night Stand

Legendary, innovative, shocking, stunning but above all very funny, this is a classic set from the much missed Bill Hicks. Recorded at

John Fitzgerald Kennedy – We Choose To Go To The Moon

This is JFK’s famous Rice University speech which launched the NASA Apollo missions. It contains his speech alone, but a 33 minute

Stephen Hawking on The Evolution Of Our Universe

A quick rundown of Stephen Hawking’s basic ideas regarding how we came to be. This is an excellent TEDTalks presentation from 2008,

Interstellar Film To Give Us More Clarity About Black Holes

American theoretical physicist Kip Thorne – known for his contributions in gravitational physics and astrophysics – chats to BBC’s Chris Vallance about

New Hubble Images Show Infant Star Coming To Life

Back in 2003 astronomers had to fight to keep funding flowing for the Hubble telescope after an important servicing mission was cancelled

Mars Lander – NASA’s Phoenix Is Presumed Dead

NASA have issued a statement saying that they have not heard from the Phoenix lander since November the 2nd, and are now

NASA Launches First Rocket Since 1981… For What?

Yesterday NASA launched it’s first full size rocket since 1981, as part of it’s plans to reach the Moon over the coming

More Water Found On The Moon & Mars

In an ironic twist from us loosing our ice here on Earth, we have now come across large deposits of the newly-endangered

Moon Landings Are Celebrated With Questionable NASA Photos

If you follow the news regularly, no matter which source(s) you get your news from, you will have been bombarded this week

Moon Impact Mission Now Confirmed As Success

On the 9th of October this year, the Centaur rocket was launched towards the Cabeus crater on the Moon, by the Lunar

How Many False Moon Rocks Are There?

The discovery of a fake Moon rock at the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum has opened up a whole new can of worms for the

1st Ever Rocky Planet Found Outside Our Solar System

Scientists are telling us that they have confirmed the first ever rocky planet outside of our Solar System. Up until now they