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Ethan Nadelmann – Why We Need to End the War on Drugs

Is the War on Drugs doing more harm than good? In a bold talk, drug policy reformist Ethan Nadelmann makes an impassioned

Newstalk & YouTube Debate – 10 Questions For The Party Leaders

Whilst the televised leaders debates, and the other media appearances from the party leaders, offer many ways of analysing them and their

Pubs Disappearing From UK Streets & Banning Legal Highs

With 31 pubs closing each week, how successful is the Government scheme designed to protect them from developers? For the past 2

South America Continues It’s War Against The DEA

In a slightly shocking move, Argentina and Mexico have both taken some giant steps towards the decriminalisation of drugs, which seems to

Scottish Study: Cannabis Spray Can Reduce Cancer Pain By 30%

A research study by Edinburgh University has found that patients felt a 30% reduction in pain, when on no other pain-relieving medications,

Roche: Accutane Withdrawal Nothing To Do With Suicides & Murders

Pharmaceutical giants, Roche, have pulled their anti-acne medication, Accutane, from the US market just over a week ago, but it continues to

Over 75% Of Homeless People Suffer From Health Problems

A snap report by Ireland’s ‘Simon Community’ found that 77% of those who used their Cork shelter, during the first week in

Over Half Of Anti-Depressant Users Stop Taking Them Independently

According to some Irish news sources, a new study has revealed that over half of all anti-depressant takers quit taking them independently,

Morales Suspends United States DEA Anti-Drug OP’s In Bolivia

President Evo Morales has suspended the United States DEA, and all of its “Anti-Drug” operations, in Bolivia, indefinitely. He has accused the

Diego Montoya Is Extradited To The US

The US have finally got their hands on the man known as ‘Don Diego’. Last night Diego Montoya was extradited to the

€700m Worth Of Cocaine Seized Near Irish Coast

1.7 tonnes of cocaine was seized just off the South-West coast of Ireland in a raid on the 60ft “Dancing With Waves”

Andre Agassi Admits To Using Crystal Meth During Career

In a serialisation of his autobiography which is about to be printed in The Times, Andre Agassi has admitted to taking the