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Homan Square – Chicago Police Departments’ Torture Facility

Surprise, surprise! The Chicago Police Department have taken the lead of their government, by setting up, and running, a secret torture facility.

US Embassy in Ireland Admits to Using White Phosphorous in Iraq

The following cable, sourced via Wikileaks, features two shocking revelations – that (1) White Phosphorous was used in Iraq, the US government

Guantanamo Diary – Detainee Describes Life in Captivity

Declassified after years of appeals, a groundbreaking memoir of a current inmate details the harrowing conditions inside Guantanamo Bay and exposes the

Julian Assange – Western Human Rights Abuses and Censorship

Julian Assange is a spokesman and advisory board member of WikiLeaks, a transparency website whose mission is to 'open governments'

Are Gilmore And Kenny Treating The Public Like Non-Entity’s?

I heard Eamon Gilmore speaking on radio earlier today, and he stated that the public now know that there are just three

Binyam Mohammed Torture Complicity Almost Proven In The UK

Little by little we are getting a much fuller picture of the ‘war on terror’ since Blair and Bush have both left

Prize For The Boys? Or Obama’s Peace Bribe?

I really had to slap myself in the face for this one, because I most definitely did not see this coming! Barack

Petition: No More Secret Evidence In The UK

As part of the drama that is the ‘War On Terror’, both the UK and the US have taken away many rights

Guantanamo Trial Of 911 Suspects Kicks Off With Drama

The trials of the 5 chaps who – according to their torture-induced statements – are the masterminds behind 911 has just kicked

Five Suspects To Plead Guilty To 911

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and four other suspected Al-Qaeda members, have said that they want to plead guilty to organising 911, at an

2009 Interview: Moazzam Begg on Rendition, Guantanamo and Obama

With Obama coming into office in a matter of weeks, I chatted to Moazzam Begg, the spokesman for the Guantanamo Detainee Support