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European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights

This charter aims to give political, social and economic rights, to all citizens of the European Union, and could be viewed as

The Living Dead (Ep.3/3) The Attic

The third and final episode in Adam Curtis’ The Living Dead series – entitled The Attic – examines Margaret Thatcher’s use of

Will Potter – Chicago’s Move to Criminalize Nonviolent Protest

In 2002, investigative journalist and TED Fellow Will Potter took a break from his regular beat, writing about shootings and murders for

Iyad el-Baghdadi – The Arab Spring Manifesto

Palestinian writer and activist Iyad el-Baghdadi delivers an eloquent rallying cry for the “Arab Spring Generation.” El-Baghdadi explains how a generation struggling

Inside Story: Is Yemen Plunging into Chaos?

Thousands of Yemenis have protested in many cities across Yemen against the government takeover by Shia Houthi rebels as the threat of

Malcolm X – The Ballot Or The Bullet

[Audio Only] Just 1 month after splitting from the Nation Of Islam, Malcolm X delivered this memorable speech on a few occasions

Mart Laar – Soviet Repression of Estonian Language and Culture

Former Estonian prime minister Mart Laar tells us about his personal experience fighting for human rights and democracy in his country. Laar

Kenyan Police Fire Teargas at Kids Protesting over Playground

This video features some incredible footage of Kenyan Police – in full riot gear! – firing teargas into a crowd of children

2014 Yearly Report – A Terrible Year for Palestinians

This is a yearly update which has been released by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, headquartered in the UK. You can download it

Iran Elections 2009: Violent Government Public Crackdown Continues

So far, 19 people are said to have been killed in the Iranian protests, since the election results were released, according to

CNN Prove Outright Fox News Lies In Newspaper Advert

This is all a bit of a storm in a tea-cup, but it is also a clear example of how little you

Can The UK Police Justify Protestors Database?

The British Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, has come out yesterday and publicly stated that he has “genuine concerns about the ever-increasing amount”

Berlusconi Assault Will Hinder Future Protests Against Leaders

At first, Berlusconi’s longer than anticipated stay in hospital seemed like a political manoeuvre, aimed at buying him some added public empathy,