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Turkish Kurdistan (Northern Kurdistan) – Territorial Dispute

Turkish Kurdistan (Northern Kurdistan) – The Turkish portion of Kurdistan is also know as Northern Kurdistan, and it covers about a third

Syrian Kurdistan (Western Kurdistan) – Territorial Dispute

Syrian Kurdistan (Western Kurdistan) – This part of Kurdistan, also known as Western Kurdistan, encompasses a thin slice at the top of

South Ossetia – Territorial Dispute

South Ossetia (Republic of South Ossetia) – Claims independence from Georgia since 1990, but Georgia also claims full sovereignty over the region,

Palestine – Territorial Dispute

Palestine – Claims independence, and two separate Palestinian governments currently control large parts of the West Bank (the Palestinian National Authority) and

Northern Cyprus (Turkish Cyprus) – Territorial Dispute

Northern Cyprus (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) – Claims independence, but the Republic of Cyprus also claims sovereignty. Only Turkey recognises Northern

Nagorno-Karabakh – Territorial Dispute

Nagorno-Karabakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic) – Claims independence, but Azerbaijan also claims sovereignty. Fighting between the two is currently on hold, after a bloody

Kashmir (Jammu & Kashmir) – Territorial Dispute

Kashmir (often referred to as Jammu & Kashmir by local and international organisations, including the United Nations) – Jammu & Kashmir was

Israel – Territorial Dispute

Israel (the State of Israel) – Israel claims sovereignty over all of the land which is now known as Israel, along with

South Moluccas (Maluku Islands) – Territorial Dispute

South Moluccas (Republic of the South Moluccas) – The former Dutch colony, the Dutch East Indies, included the Moluccas islands, up until

Inside Story: Is Yemen Plunging into Chaos?

Thousands of Yemenis have protested in many cities across Yemen against the government takeover by Shia Houthi rebels as the threat of

Tibet – Territorial Dispute

Tibet (Tibet Autonomous Region) – The Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), led by the Dalai Lama, considers itself a government in exile, but

Uyghurstan (East Turkestan, Xinjiang) – Territorial Dispute

East Turkestan/Uyghurstan/Xinjiang – Xinjiang is an autonomous region of China, but there have been several movements by the Turkic locals (mostly Uyghurs,

Iranian Kurdistan (Eastern Kurdistan) – Territorial Dispute

Iranian Kurdistan (Eastern Kurdistan) – There are an estimated four million Kurds currently living in Iran – about 7% of Iran’s total

Golan Heights – Territorial Dispute

Golan Heights (Syrian Heights) – Israel claims sovereignty over about two-thirds of the Golan Heights, which it annexed from Syria in 1967,

Aksai Chin – Territorial Dispute

Aksai Chin is sometimes known as Aksayqin, Akesaiqin or Akesai Qin. China administers this region as part of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region.