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Shiraz Maher – Inside the Mind of an Islamic Extremist

Islamic extremism expert Shiraz Maher draws from both his academic background and his personal history to address why people all over the

Kimberley Motley – Afghanistan’s Only Foreign Litigator

American attorney Kimberley Motley talks about her dramatic experience as the only foreign litigator in Afghanistan as she strives to promote the

Alaa Murabit – Libyan Women’s Key Role in Peacebuilding

Libyan activist Alaa Murabit shows us how ongoing conflict has affected daily life in her country. She stresses the importance of acknowledging

Lidia Yusupova – Working as a Journalist and Lawyer in Chechnya

Lidia Yusupova shares her harrowing experiences working as a journalist and a lawyer in Chechnya. She recounts the horrors she witnessed during

Samuel Kofi Woods – Life During Liberia’s Prolonged Civil War

Samuel Kofi Woods describes his life as a human rights defender in Liberia, a nation that has endured a decades-long civil war

United Nations Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

Subsequent to World War II ending, on the 10th of December 1948 the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

Death of Aleppo – Life Amid the On-Going Conflict and Destruction

The ‘Al-Jazeera World’ team investigates the turmoil within the everyday lives of Aleppo residents – living in Syria’s largest city – whilst

Bill Hicks – Revelations [The Uncut Version]

This is the 1993 performance by Bill Hicks at the Dominion Theatre in London, which was given the title of ‘Revelations’. There’s

Robert Newman – A History Of Oil

Robert Newman gets to grips with the wars and politics of the last hundred years – but rather than adhering to the

From Caliban to the Taliban: 500 Years of Humanitarian Intervention

From Caliban To The Taliban – 500 Years Of Humanitarian Intervention, is a tale of capitalist expansion down through the ages, coupled

The Last Dream (Ep.3/3) Other People’s Wars – Australia & Conflicts

John Pilger and Alan Lowery, as part of a three episode series, investigate the complicated relationship that Australians have with war. First

Kurdish Female Fighters Battle ISIL and Stereotypes

Al-Jazeera’s On The Stream program covers an interesting development within the current fighting that is going on in the Middle East –

Inside Story: Is an Independent Kurdish State Possible?

Denied self-rule after the First World War, Kurds are the largest ethnic group in the world without their own state. Could a

Does Germany Owe Greece Reparations from Nazi Occupation?

Can war crimes ever be confined to history? Greece is demanding reparations from Germany for the Nazi occupation during World War Two,

Bitter Lake (2015) – The Latest Adam Curtis Documentary

This is the latest Adam Curtis documentary, by the incredibly original and insightful British filmmaker, who tends to deal with the psychology