Topic: History

Ji Seong-ho – Living in, and Defecting from, North Korea

North Korean refugee Ji Seong-ho shares his powerful story of struggle and survival. He describes growing up during North Korea’s grueling famine

Andrés Velasco – Dictatorship and Democracy in Chile

Chilean economist Andrés Velasco describes how political, economic, and social unrest led to the collapse of Chilean democracy in the 1970s. Growing

Siegmar Faust – Repression by the Stasi in East Germany

German writer and former political prisoner Siegmar Faust gives a horrifying account of life in East Germany under the omnipresent State Security

Lidia Yusupova – Working as a Journalist and Lawyer in Chechnya

Lidia Yusupova shares her harrowing experiences working as a journalist and a lawyer in Chechnya. She recounts the horrors she witnessed during

Samuel Kofi Woods – Life During Liberia’s Prolonged Civil War

Samuel Kofi Woods describes his life as a human rights defender in Liberia, a nation that has endured a decades-long civil war

Bill Hicks – Revelations [The Uncut Version]

This is the 1993 performance by Bill Hicks at the Dominion Theatre in London, which was given the title of ‘Revelations’. There’s

Robert Newman – A History Of Oil

Robert Newman gets to grips with the wars and politics of the last hundred years – but rather than adhering to the

From Caliban to the Taliban: 500 Years of Humanitarian Intervention

From Caliban To The Taliban – 500 Years Of Humanitarian Intervention, is a tale of capitalist expansion down through the ages, coupled

The Last Dream (Ep.3/3) Other People’s Wars – Australia & Conflicts

John Pilger and Alan Lowery, as part of a three episode series, investigate the complicated relationship that Australians have with war. First

The Last Dream (Ep.1/3) Hereos Unsung – UK Steals Aboriginal Land

John Pilger and Alan Lowery, as part of a three episode series, investigate how the Aborigines had their land stolen by British

Does Germany Owe Greece Reparations from Nazi Occupation?

Can war crimes ever be confined to history? Greece is demanding reparations from Germany for the Nazi occupation during World War Two,

The Living Dead (Ep.3/3) The Attic

The third and final episode in Adam Curtis’ The Living Dead series – entitled The Attic – examines Margaret Thatcher’s use of

The Living Dead (Ep.2/3) You Have Used Me As A Fish Long Enough

In this episode, You Have Used Me as a Fish Long Enough, Adam Curtis takes a quick look over the mind control

The Living Dead (Ep.1/3) On the Desperate Edge of Now

The first episode in one of the very first documentary series’ from Adam Curtis, this film explores how history, and the memories

Meet Adam Curtis, Establishment Contrarian

The Power of Nightmares. The Century of the Self. Pandora’s Box. All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace – If you’re