Waste = Food : The Cradle 2 Cradle Concept

Michael Braungart and William McDonough came up with the ‘Waste=Food’ concept in the early 90’s, and today it has become the national policy of the Chinese government and many industrial giants have adopted it too, including Ford, Nike and Herman Miller.

It involves making the products we use completely safe to man & animals, allowing their components to be 100% re-usable in the biosphere or technosphere, and that they are easily disassembled for re-use. Provisions for how we can harness our power, clean our water and keep our soil pure have also been added.

This is a grand design, on a global scale, and what’s fuelling interest from the profit crew is that it may be capable of actually increasing productivity, and profit margins too.

Please note – This film was premiered sometime in 2006. It was screened at some point during the 2006 Beijing International Science Film Festival, which opened on December the 5th of that year, so we have just used that date until we can locate more accurate dating.

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